24 July 2015 Abderrahim Abbou   | News | Year 08  
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Congratulations to all year 8 students who progressed exceptionally well through term 2. I hope that everyone of you has developed a positive analysis on his semester 1 report. Keep up the good work and attempt to improve where you need to improve. A luncheon will be organised in the upcoming days to acknowledge the outstanding results of many of our students.

The end of term 2 assembly was filled with delightful speakers, one of whom being Dr Zachariah Matthews, the Executive Director & Instructor of Deen Academy. He delivered a speech based on the topic of responsibility and “being responsible,” which was an eye opener for all students.

Term 2 was also very rich in activities; our students actively participated in Multicultural Day, where they proudly exhibited their cultural background. This enabled the students to share the differences of their cultural identity in a positive manner, which highlighted the importance of living peacefully together.

Other activities the students enjoyed were the Geography excursion visiting IMAX as well as the Sydney Wildlife Reserve. Students found themselves on an amazing animal adventure, where they were able to explore iconic Aussie habitats and encounter some of the most loved and feared animals that call Australia home.

Korean Immersion Day involved students learning Hangeul, a Korean language. It was held at Macquarie University.

Inquisitive minds for a group of students’ include mathematics challenging activities. It was a vibrant and exciting problem solving session, which took place in the school hall for classes 8A and 8B. All students were active and engaged for 3 hours.

I would like to encourage all the students that need assistance with their school studies to join all the activities that are run by the school, such as: Homework Club, Maths Clinic and Literacy Club. For more information go to our year 8 noticeboard, opposite Room 51.

I urge each one of you to keep up the high standard of uniform you have maintained throughout the winter.

It is an important part of the school routine for every student to have their school diary and use it to record assessment and in class tasks as well as other commitments such as homework and excursions.

Towards the end of this term, year 8 students at Homebush Boys High School need to choose the elective courses they would like to study in Years 9 and 10. You should base your choices on how much you like the subject and how well you have performed in the subject areas in previous years. I encourage all parents to discuss these choices with their son and to consider selecting subjects they enjoy as well as do well in, so that this may smoothly transition them into their senior studies.

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Mr. A. Abbou
Year 8 Adviser, 2015