23 July 2015 Linda Adams   | News | Year 09  
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The Programme's logo is the tree of life bearing five fruits, each used to represent a value. These symbols are particularly effective when used with young children who find them easy to remember:

  • A pair of cherries is used to symbolise Right Conduct, because they look like a pair of arms and legs.
  • A Pear is used to symbolise Peace, because the spelling is similar.
  • An Apple is used to symbolise Truth, because it reminds us of the insight into gravity gained by Isaac Newton when he saw the apple fall from the tree.
  • A Strawberry is used to symbolise Love, because it is shaped like a heart and has sweetness.
  • A bunch of Grapes is used to symbolise Non-Violence, as the four values of Right Conduct, Peace, Truth and Love, collectively, when put into practice, will culminate in Non-Violence, so this bunch of fruit is used to symbolise unity.

WATCH 2Walid, Dylan and Tarrek have worked on the Watch program in 2014 and 2015. They have been applying the key concepts to their lives and their work. The tree mosaic outside room 40 was designed, glazed and glued to the wall by this team. The great team work they began in 2014 they hope to continue into 2015 with more creative ways to beautify their environment and overcome graffiti.


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