11 June 2015 Cheiban Elaro   | News | Year 12  
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On Saturday 6 June, Ms. Ball, Mrs Porteus and Mr Lee joined 23, year 12 students at the Ensemble theatre in Kirribilli to see ' Educating Rita'.

The play is part of the HSC Standard English course (module C) and deals with a working class woman, named Rita, and her ambition to gain an education.

Although dealing with serious issues, the play is quite humorous and the students commented on their ability to laugh amidst being moved by the characters' interplay.

The students were commended by both staff and patrons for their behaviour and engagement in the theatre experience. 

An enjoyable time was had by all and we look forward to seeing more plays at the Ensemble Theatre in the future. And a big thanks to Ms Ball, Ms Porteous and Mr Lee for organising and supervising the students in their own time.