07 May 2015 Suzi Milovanovic   | News | Year 12  
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Homebush Boys High School’s, 2015 Study Skills Program, assists students with their educational endeavours. The Senior Program this year has included session presentations by guest motivational speakers from various universities. Year 12 students had the pleasure this term, of welcoming leading motivational speaker, Mr James Arvanitakis, to the school. James is a regular speaker at national and international conferences, delivering keynotes and research papers.

Leading motivational speaker Professor, James Arvanitakis, delivered a motivational workshop to all Year 12 students at Homebush Boys High School. Professor James Arvanitakis is a Professor in the Humanities at the University of Western Sydney and the Head of The Academy at UWS. He is also a member of the University’s Institute for Culture and Society. His research areas include hope, trust, political theatre, piracy and citizenship. James has worked as a human rights activist throughout the Pacific, Indonesia and Europe. He is currently working with the Whitlam Institute looking at issues confronting Australia’s democracy.

During the workshop, James explained which transferable skills students needed to succeed in areas yet unimagined. The workshop also presented engaging content that was useful for every student, no matter whether the path they choose to success is university, TAFE and/or the workforce.
I am delighted on the positive comments that have been made by students regarding his workshop. The students certainly benefit from our guest speaker’s knowledge and expertise.

As Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, I would like to thank whole school personnel with regards to the implementation of this workshop. Most importantly, thank you to our wonderful guest speaker, Mr James Arvanitakis and UWS coordinator, Ms Yani Martin.

Ms Suzi Milovanovic
HT Teaching & Learning