24 March 2015 Suzi Milovanovic   | News | Year 12  
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Homebush Boys High School’s, highly inspirational and talented, 2014, HSC Visual Arts students, Otis Burian-Hodge, Zheng Chen, Akul Pandi and Anuraj Talati, have been successful in having their pieces selected, for the 2015, ARTEXPRESS exhibition. Featured currently, is a selection of outstanding student artworks that provide insight into students’ creativity, high standards, diversity, and issues important to them. Art teacher Mr Letsios, and Principal Mr Kennedy, were delighted at the success of our students. They were in attendance at the recent viewing of outstanding student artworks. The strong tradition of excellence continues on at our school.

ARTEXPRESS is a dynamic and popular exhibition that features a selection of outstanding student artworks. These artworks were developed for the artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts, 2014. ARTEXPRESS includes a broad range of approaches and expressive forms, including ceramics, collection of works, documented forms, drawing, graphic design, painting, photomedia, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and fibre, and time-based forms.

Homebush Boys High School is extremely fortunate to have such talented staff and students at the school. One such talented staff member is Art teacher Mr Letsios. Mr Letsios is a gifted and talented teacher, who inspires his students in the subject of Art. He generously assists his students, they appreciating his hard work and strong leadership. He is also appreciated for his attention to detail and tremendous depth of experience and knowledge. Students, who work with him, boast about his compassion and empathy, sense of humour, and passion for art. They report that he makes a difference in their understanding of individual pieces they create, and that they enjoy the positive learning environment he has established. Most importantly, he has been responsible for ensuring successful entry of pieces, into the extremely competitive and highly recognised exhibition, ARTEXPRESS.

Homebush Boys High School congratulates past students such as Leandros Pandoulis, Otis Burian-Hodge, Zheng Chen, Akul Pandi and Anuraj Talati, for keeping the successful ARTEXPRESS entry tradition, alive. The school encourages whole school community members to explore all of the artists and works in the 2015 exhibition, along with related artworks in the Gallery’s collection.