11 March 2015 Mrs Zammit & Mrs Shadwick   | News | Year 08  
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Students from the Year 8 Italian and Year 8 French classes celebrated the cultural festivities of Carnivale by making colourful individual masks in class, while learning about the significance of Carnivale and the parade activities in Italy and France. This activity highlighted student engagement and both groups were happy to parade their masks around our school. Even the inclement weather on Friday 27th February did NOT dampen their enthusiasm. Masks on and trays of sweets in hand, students walked around to all homerooms offering treats with a Bounjour or Buongiorno .

During the month of February, numerous cities and towns in Italy and France celebrate the traditional carnival time. People wear masks, costumes, eat and drink and enjoy themselves prior to the period of fasting in preparation for the Easter season.

The following was read over Mr Khurshed’s loud speaker (School PA System).

James Smith (8 Italian) 

Io mi chiamo James

Il Carnevale di Venezia is world renowned. Approximately 3 million visitors come to Venice every year to be part of the fun of carnival. It I a time for merriment and much eating and drinking before Lent when people stop eating meat and fast until Easter. One of the most important events is the contest for la maschers piu’ bella (the most beautiful mask) judged by a panel of international costume and fashion designers.

Michael Lopes (8 French)

Je m’appelle Michael

The word “carnival” comes from the Latin “carne levare” which means away from meat. According to the Catholic tradition, 40 days before Easter the period known as Lent, is a period of fasting and not eating meat. So during v=carnival there is a lot of feasting and merriment. In France carnival ends on Tuesday, and is called MARDI GRAS or fat Tuesday. At this time people parade in their masks which act as disguises and because people are not recognised they tend to mock everything ab d everyone.

Durante il mese di febbraio molte citta' in Italia festeggiano il Carnevale. Il piu' famoso e' il Carnevale di Venezia. Tanta gente indossa maschere e costumi. C'e' tanta musica ed allegria, moltissimo da mangiare e da bere e si divertino prima del digiuno di Pasqua.

Pendant le mois de fevrier de nombreuses villes en France celebrent le carnival traditionnel. Les gens portent des masques, des costumes, ils mange beaucoup e s'amusent avant le jeune pour Paques.
Please enjoy the photos included in this Bush Bulletin. A huge thank you to Mrs Zammit for all her efforts with the Italian and French classes and for beginning a new trend for the month of February…..the theme of Carnivale. Roll on 2016!