03 March 2015 Caleb Rinakama, Carl Arthur   | News | Year 07  
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The year 7 camp 2015 was very successful and below are the reflections from two of the students.
Please visit our school facebook page for the pictures from the year 7 camp. 

Caleb Rinakama
My name is Caleb Rinakama and I am in Year 7 for 2015. I am in class 7A and experiences for the first few weeks at Homebush Boys High School have been very enlightening.

Being in year 7 is a big jump from primary school to high school because you’re in a new environment with new people to see and places to be, but the teachers and students help you settle in really quickly. The teachers here are kind and welcoming so you’ll never feel lost or left out .The students here at Homebush Boys are really helpful and give you the right advice to getting to class right on time.So far I’ve had Maths, English, PE, Visual Arts, Technology, Science, Music lessons and I love them all! Soon we will begin our Winter Sports Tryouts and I can’t wait!

In week 4 of term 1, year 7 and a few year 11 students went to camp at Shoalhaven on NSW’s south coast. I went to that camp and I had loads of fun. We went rock climbing, kayaking, swimming ,bush walking and much more. We slept in tents for 2 and we even cooked our own breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also met a man who lived in a cave named Slabface. He was hilarious and by the time he was done he had everyone in stitches. Overall everything was fun but what I loved the most was getting to know the boys in my year better.

To sum up I have absolutely loved the first few weeks of school and I can’t wait for the next few years that I will be spending at Homebush Boys High School.

Carl Arthur
Year 7 camp is a great experience where you make new friends and have a great time. There are heaps of great activities at camp. At this camp you make lots of new friends just like I did also you will be able to share great stories with them through the rest of your life at Homebush Boys. In the great activities at camp you might be the best or the worst at something but you always need to give everything a go because you will have a great time doing it and you may even find out that you are the best at something in the whole of year 7. I had a great time at year 7 camp because it was fun, you make friends and you get share new experiences with other people.