26 February 2015 Kamie Khurshed   | News | Year 07  
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Who/What: Parents are invited to our school to meet the Year 7 teachers.

When: Tuesday 3rd March, 2015, 4pm-6pm

Where: Fig Tree, Homebush Boys High School

A BBQ and refreshments will be provided by our school community.

The aim is to meet your son’s teachers and to share information relating to the settling in of your son at Homebush Boys’ High School. It will be informal although there will be information handed out relating to subject areas.

We want this occasion to be a positive and constructive collaboration as developing strong and effectual partnerships between staff and parents has a significant effect on the education of our boys. 

We have also put up all the pictures taken from the 2015 Year 7 Camp. Please enjoy the pictures located on our facebook page or click on the picture above.