25 February 2015 Suzi Milovanovic   | News | Year 11  
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Homebush Boys High School’s 2015 Study Skills Program, commenced in the first weeks of school.

The Study Skills Program assists students with their educational endeavours.

The Year 11 student program included a study skills session presentation by guest speaker, Associate Professor, Joanne Lind, from the University of Western Sydney. This complemented sessions conducted by Homebush Boys High School personnel.

Leading UWS lecturer, Associate Professor, Joanne Lind, from the Faculty of Medicine – Molecular Biology & Genetics, delivered a study skills workshop to Year 11 students at Homebush Boys High School.

Associate Professor, Joanne Lind, believes that effective study techniques are the most important factor in achieving an outstanding HSC result. During the workshop, Associate Professor Lind, shared techniques and skills, that addressed areas of learning and memory. She also took out the time to answer questions with regards to her area of expertise, and university requirements.

Students were also provided with an explanation as to how PANGO works. Pango.edu.au is a study skills on-line support mechanism which enables users to make new friends, share and swap study notes, and get prepared to make school easier. It is powered by the University of Western Sydney and addresses issues that matter from school, to life after school. Online tutors are also available to provide advice, and career planners to match you with careers and courses. We encourage all to check out the features that PANGO has to offer.

As Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, I would like to thank UWS, Ms Anton, Careers Adviser, and whole school personnel, with regards to the implementation of the study skills workshops. Most importantly, thank you to our wonderful guest speaker, Associate Professor Joanne Lind, from the UWS, Faculty of Medicine – Molecular Biology & Genetics and UWS personnel.

Ms Suzi Milovanovic
HT Teaching & Learning