10 February 2015 Linda Adams   | News | Year 09  
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For Parents and Students of Year 9

2015 is shaping up to be a very exciting year full of challenges for students and their parents.

At the beginning of the year you should be trying to establish good habits which will assist in your success in the rest of the year.

  • School uniform with correct footwear is vital for all students. Please make sure you only wear sport uniform on days that this is required.
  • School Diary is compulsory and is given when fees are paid. The diary is essential for recording homework and assessment tasks. Parents should be checking the diary weekly and signing where required. Please check for teachers comments in the comment column, which may indicate if you need to contact a teacher or if an issue has arisen in a certain area. It is required for the Study Skills program.

This year we look forward to a full academic program which includes quality programs such as:

  • Swimming Carnival - Friday 20th February. Which allows students to compete in their age groups within various swimming styles. All must attend to support their house and peers.
  • Cheong Ju High School – visits week 5 23rd February. Students need places to stay and are funded. Please see Mr Khurshed or front office for information if you can take a billet.
  • Symphonia Jubilate - rehearsals have started for performances this year. This is an ideal program for extending your performing skills and technical abilities for all musician. Band Camp will be 12th March. See Mr Smith in Music staff room for all information.
  • Study Skills – delivered week 6 Thursday 5th March includes a comprehensive array of effective study techniques and how to plan your goals to achieve your aims. You will be given the assessment booklet which can also be found digitally on the Homebush Boys High School webpage under Curriculum within the Assessment plan window. Go to year 9 booklet to save or print as requires.
  • Year assembly – week 5. Will address various welfare concerns, and distribute awards.
  • Meals on Wheels – notes have been distributed and need to come back to me. The program runs every Friday starting 27th February.
  • Students - I look forward to you starting the year on a positive note and trying the best you can in all endeavours.
  • Parents - If you have an issue, are planning of taking time of school or just want to have a discussion about the progress of your son. Please contact me through email or phone the front office.


Kind Regards,

Linda Adams
Year 9 Advisor