03 February 2015 Suzi Milovanovic   | News | Year 07  
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Homebush Boys High School’s, 2015, Study Skills Program, commences in the first weeks of school. The 7-12, Study Skills Program, is an essential part of the school’s curriculum. The Study Skills Program assists students with their educational endeavours.

Year 7, for 2015, will be the first year to commence with the program. They will then be followed by the rest of the school year cohorts. Topics will include assessment schedules, getting organised, goal setting and studying in high school.

An important aspect, for both the junior and senior school program, is that each student will be required to produce an individual assessment planner that assists them in reaching their assessment goals for the year. Students will be provided with a copy of assessment schedules for the year from each of their faculty areas. They will then use these schedules to create their own individual assessment planners and ensure successful completion of all tasks for the year.

The Junior Program further assists students in their transition from primary to high school and in addition, gives students the opportunity to further develop their academic/organisational skills, study habits, examination techniques and processes for goal setting. The Senior Program will include motivational/study skills session presentations by school personnel and guest speakers.

As Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, I would like to thank all those involved in the implementation of the 2015, Study Skills Program, and I wish all Homebush Boys High School students the best in their educational endeavours. I personally welcome all year 7 students to our school.

Ms Suzi Milovanovic
HT Teaching & Learning