27 October 2014 Jon Sculthorpe   | News | Year 10   Year 11   Extra-Curricular  
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Last Wednesday evening (22ND October), many of our year 10 and 11 students attended a road safety forum at Phil Gilbert Hyundai in Lidcombe. The evening was presented by Ian and Suzy Luff, along with their business partner Stewart Nicholls.

Ian and Stewart are both renowned road safety expert commentators and their expertise have been used to form many road safety campaigns.

The students were presented with some sobering facts about driving on their Ps and shown some skills that will, if followed, make them better drivers. The interactive and engaging presentation culminated in a talk from Jarryd, a survivor of a serious car crash (not ‘accident’ as this implies there was no one at fault). He suffered a permanent brain injury that has stripped his independence and livelihood as a plumber. He struggles to do everyday tasks and will not recover. Jarryd is a fit young man who has had his life turned around by one stupid mistake.

It should be noted that Ian and Suzy Luff attract some funding from the NSW government to do these courses, but do not charge anything for our students to attend. They are generous with their time and have the ultimate goal of empowering our boys with the skills to make correct decisions.

Hyundai sponsor the program (Bob at Phil Gilbert Hyundai, Lidcombe donated their workshop and staffed the night for free). They could easily put their money towards sponsoring a sporting team or similar, but rather see it as their responsibility to help in any way to reduce the impact of road crashes among young people.

If the skills identified in this forum are used and save a life, then it has been successful.