16 September 2014 Linda Adams   | News | Year 08  
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Congratulations to all year 8 who progressed well through term 2, welcome to the new enrollments. I commend you on the high standard of uniform you have maintained throughout the winter season and recommend the school scarves and beanies that are now available for purchase for providing extra warmth.

Year 8 – Community involvement - New Beginnings Program
Thursday 12th June - Friday 13th June

This was a two day program that aimed at building leadership skills of students and increase community engagement.

Day one involved student’s leadership building skills training as well as equipping them with the knowledge of how to structure submission for community involvement. They brain stormed, discussed and played games that focused on building effective teams and networking, and public speaking.
Students identified issues that affected their community, and brainstormed ways of overcoming them. Included in the discussions were ideas of overcoming crime, graffiti, assisting the elderly and helping families and working together to build a brighter and harmonious future for our district.

Day two involved the students presenting a short project proposal to the mayor of Strathfield.
Each team achieved a very high standard and presented their project based on their research and team work. Their projects were highly commended by the Mayor and the organizers, for their creativity and for the confidence and strength that each team conveyed through the presentation of the projects.

Diary Use
It is an important part of the school routine for each student to have their school diary and use it to record assessment and in class task as well as other commitments such as homework and excursions.
I encourage all parents to please sign their diaries weekly and read their teacher’s comments which are being recorded in student’s diaries.

Subject Selections
Towards the end of this term students will need to select their subjects for studies in year 9 and 10. I encourage all parents to discuss these choices with their son and to consider selecting subjects they enjoy and do well at which may lead onto senior studies.

Information Update
As I am preparing a year 8 parent list for emails I encourage all parents to update their information such as email addresses, phone numbers and current addresses at the front office. And please look out for information on upcoming year 8 events which will be posed via your emails.

Homework Club
Homework Club is available every Tuesday morning from 8:00 in room 32 all are welcome. The focus of the club is to allow student access to senior mentors and teachers that can assist with homework, projects and assessment tasks.

Ms Su
Assistant Year 8 Advisor

Ms Adams
Year 8 Advisor

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