11 September 2014 Linda Adams   | News | Year 08  
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Our students have started 2014 with enthusiasm and dedication.

They have been involved in many interesting programs already including Public Speaking, the National day against bullying campaign, Study Skills, Band Camp, and are continuing their indoor soccer fundraiser.

There are many exciting opportunities coming up in 2014 which we have planned. We look forward to the peer mentoring opportunities that the YWCA and DEC have offered, to develop strong leadership roles within the year.

We also look forward to the rewards which we produce from our hard work, discipline and studies, with high achievers luncheons and gold award excursion planned again for this year.

The National day against bullying and bully buster’s incursion was a great start for students to focus on developing and maintaining positive relationships. The programs looked at how we can change our thinking and through changing our thinking our actions can be more positive. It focused on peer interactions and the use of social media.

Several students have joined us in 2014 we welcome them to Homebush Boys High School and wish them the best in their studies and social life. We encourage you to be active and participate in the richness of our curricular and extra-curricular activities, and new parents to keep contact with your child’s education through visiting parent-teacher events, working bees and p&c functions.

I thank all parents who have ensured their child has a current 2014 school diary. This is a valuable tool for planning building skills to ensure efficient time management and study routine.  I have targeted the use of the Diary for all year 8 students for semester 1 and encourage all parents to please sign the diary weekly in the allocated parent column and please support your child by reading teacher’s comments and checking any assessment and homework tasks they have recorded in their entries.

At Homebush Boys' High School we are committed to achieving the very best for all, and our students have continued to succeed past the HSC into all walks of life – medicine, sport, teaching, business, and the like.

I comment all parents of year 8 students for maintaining their high standard of uniform. And students are encouraged to wear their uniform with pride, as it is a symbol of our strength…

Linda Adams
Year 8
Year Advisor