05 August 2014   | News | Whole School  
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It is a known fact that at Homebush Boys we always strive to do our best.  This year’s Multicultural day was again another roaring success.  The 3rd annual Multicultural day celebration was held on the 7th of June. This day was organised by the SRC where everyone soaked in the spirit of a Multicultural school community.  

At the beginning of the day we had an assembly which was opened by the iconic international flag march led by the school’s drum corp. We had the honour of inviting distinguished guest speakers from the department of Education, Community services and from the political arena which was concluded with a few cultural music and dance items of very high standards. We had multicultural performances all day in the halland during lunch we sold different cultural food items.

The atmosphere in the hall was electric asthe cultural performances were absolutely riveting.  Students from every grade had a turn to view the performances.  Performances ranged from eastern, western classical piano pieces, Indian classical drums and flutes to beat boxing battles, cultural Indian dancing and also bands from our very own school. This was a great insight to just how talented the students are at Homebush Boys and how confident they are when it comes to representing their culture. This is also a good testimonial to the spirit of multiculturalism present within our school.

During lunch the other main attraction opened. We set up stalls and donned our serving spoons. Each stall was selling a specific cultural food with their national flag flying high above them. We were not aiming at making a profit hence the food was affordable to everyone. We had a variety of curries, 400 meat pies with lamingtons, freshly made kebabs, many flavours of gelato and a huge range of sushi, Chinese and Korean cuisine. The sushi and Korean cuisine was freshly prepared by a group of Korean mothers who volunteered their time, expertise, energy and much more that morning.

The day concluded on a high note with the final dance battle in the hall. The dance battle was between the sub cultures of the Indian sub-continent. The participants in this battle were students from our sister school in Strathfield and our year twelve students. This piece of entertainment was an absolute eye opener which demonstrated the richness of these cultures in depth.

In conclusion this day was made successful due to the hard work of our teachers, parents and fellow students and ex-students.

- Kaya Bremner

The 2014 Multicultural Day proved to be a fantastic success as the sheer enjoyment and involvement of the school was evident in the hysterical cheers of laughter and excitement throughout the entire day.

The Homebush Boys High School 2014 Multicultural Day was planned to be an exhilarating event from the get go, competing with the triumph of last years celebrations. With Multicultural Day, all of the ethnicities and traditions of the myriad of cultures congregate within the school grounds and present their diversities for the students to marvel upon and gain a better understanding of. The display of flags and open stalls offering dishes that are common in these countries’ society gave an insight into the rich culture that was buried within the HBHS ecosystem. The organised talent show that was performed along side the Multicultural Day efforts was greatly successful and the favourite feature of the day for many. The involvement the students had with the shows that were happening created an entertaining and exciting atmosphere. People couldn’t help but contribute to the freedom of cheering on and clapping to the performances. At no point was the freedom taken advantage of and exploited to ridicule other students or to criticise their presentation, further portraying the degree of respect the HBHS community have for one another’s courage and confidence in what they do. The HBHS student body was buzzing in conversation of the pieces throughout the day.

Multicultural Day is unmistakably an invaluable day of commemoration for the schools vast majority of foreign and cultural population. The heritage that has amassed within the Homebush Boys community is a quality that we cannot take for granted, and must be appreciative of. The results of a successful Multicultural Day isn’t only determined by the enjoyment of the students and teachers, it is also the education communicated to each and every participant that there is equality in humans, and that culture can be nothing but an attribute to one’s character. This is the true meaning of Multicultural Day, and was without a doubt achieved within the school community.

- Dominic Yates