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Bushy Boy Wins the Best Speaker Award at 2021 MUNA

On Saturday 29 May, 3 Year 11 students represented Homebush Boys HS at the Model United Nations Assembly. The event is organised and run by Rotary clubs in Sydney. We would like to thank Peter Smith from Strathfield Rotary Club for his continued support and for sponsoring our team. The event was held in the ‘bear-pit’ in Parliament House. Homebush Boys were asked to represent India in 3 current UN Resolutions.

This prestigious annual event offers school students an opportunity to debate real United Nations resolutions. And it is part of an international competition in ‘normal’ times. But this year, due to VOVID-19 restrictions, only 10 teams were allowed in the competition. Normally there would have been over 25 teams.

On Saturday, Avi Carleton, William Knight and Samee Seddiqi Kamal represented India magnificently. The first resolution was linked to fishing, the environment and international waters. William was passionate about India’s needs and the importance of fishing to the various Indian communities’ long-term survival. This ruffled the feathers of Russia and the USA. After each country’s speaker presented their 3 minute speech, there was a vibrant period of rebuttals between the various nations. William more than held his own and accused the USA of putting money ahead of humanity.

Avi then presented a strong case for India’s response to COVID and the need for the world to unit so to help countries struggling to contain the pandemic. Samee then attacked China for its ‘hostile’ response at the 2 countries’ shared border. This also created strong reactions from China and her allies.

Ultimately, the winning team was the school representing Russia and the team representing France was highly recommended. The highest individual prize was awarded to William as the best speaker on the day.

A big thanks to the 3 men for the research, their preparations and their performances on the day. They were confident, determined and articulate. They are, also, great ambassadors for our school.