31 March 2021 Sam Widmer   | News | Community  
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Over the month of March, staff from Homebush Boys and students from the Support Unit raised awareness about Autism. We did this by participating in Walk for Autism which required all team members to walk 10000 steps a day from March 21-28. Each day during week 9 this term, we walked as a group to raise awareness. We collaborated with another school in the local area, Strathfield South High School, for a walk one morning and cooked a BBQ at Strathfield Park on the last day. Students from the Interact Club volunteered to walk and cook the BBQ with us which was fantastic.

The Homebush Boys team managed to raise $5016 for Aspect Australia which was an incredible achievement. Our target was $3000, so I want to thank everyone who supported us. As a school, we finished 9th overall!