10 December 2020 Christina Papavramidis   | News | Whole School  
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At the beginning of Term 4, we farewelled our wonderful student leadership team, the Prefect Team 2019-2020. We thanked them for all their achievements and energetic effort in supporting the student body to achieve their personal and academic growth and helping the school community to develop strong, independent, future focussed learners. At the same time, we welcomed the new Prefect Team of 2020-2021.

Congratulations to:

Captain: Ishu RAWAT 
Vice-Captains: James WARK & David KADAMANI 
Sports Captain: Rahim KAMARA 
Senior Prefect: Leo SIMON 
PR Communications: Siddhant JETHALIYA 
Community Links- Primary Schools: Haren KUMARALINGAM & Arzaqy ABDUL AZIS 
Community Links- High Schools: Daniel AARON & Stephen WILCOX 
Social Media: Matthew-Rowan JACKSON & Merton CHENG 
Community Services: Titus CHAROENSRI 
Fundraiser Liaison: Simon AYOUB & Harry OBEROI 
Year 7 & 8 Link: Benjamin HUANG & Edmund WONG 
Year 9 & 10 Link: Yoshua TSANG & Sisitautai TAUFA 
Year 11 & 12 Link: Si Kun RONG

After being democratically elected by the student body and their teachers, the incumbent prefects
attended a 2 day Conference held at school on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th September 2020, to
build leadership and team work.
At the start of Term 4, the School Captain, Ishu Rawat and the leadership team worked together to
support the outgoing Year 12’s in their final assembly and graduation.
Below is an inspiring article written by Ishu Rawat.

It gives me, great honour to be elected as the School Captain of 2020-2021. As the leader of the student body, I strongly believe that through our actions, we will be the change we seek.

The prefect body is committed to uphold the morals and values with integrity that have echoed in the traditional walls of our school. As a team, our strength lies in our ability to recognise the importance of our peers as individuals thus inspiring our vision statement to “Be the environment where voices are heard and needs are met.”

I would like to thank Mrs Papas, Ms Player and Mr Elgood for providing us with a sensational leadership conference over the course of two days. The team had an excellent opportunity to understand the roles and responsibilities that came with being a prefect.

The highlight of the first day was definitely the scavenger hunt because in my perspective it showcased the range of mindset that was woven into our leadership body as some chose to approach the activity with a creative flair, while others opted to be more analytical. It is to me no wonder why my peers approached me with ideas packed with solutions to implement, as the domination of inspiring quotes from Mrs Papas was sure to have heightened the morale of the prefects. Lastly, the conference concluded with a relaxing meditation session designed by Mrs Chapman, which left us feeling calm and rejuvenated.