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10 September 2020 Emily Yong   | News | Extra-Curricular  
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At Homebush Boys High School we are raising funds by running, walking or cycling 5km for refugees through a campaign fundraiser launched by the UNHCR. Over the last few weeks, teachers and students @HBHS have been completing the 5km challenge and sharing their experiences on this site and on Facebook. 

Avi Carleton (Year 10)

The 5km run that I completed was a harsh reminder of how unfit I have become. To summarise, I was sweaty throughout. Though what I experienced is nothing compared to the struggle others less fortunate face around the world. It is crucial that we help these people suffering, particularly because we are fortunate enough to have the resources that do so. We must join together and try to contribute in one way or another, because any donation, no matter how small, is important. 


I nominate:

1. Jackson Campton

2. Henry Gao 

3. William Knight

4. Elias Mansfield

5. Brandon Price

Noah Raymond (Year 9)

On Saturday the 12th of September Noah Raymond participated in the 5km run for refugees hosted by the UNHCR. He described it as invigorating, as he walked the Sydney Bay Run at Drummoyne (a total of 7.2 Km). The view was calm and serene, it allowed him to reflect and appreciate the fortunate nature of my life, as other people around the world are forced to leave their homes, due to either poverty or war. His reflection made him motivated to complete the walk and donate to ensure that other people have the opportunity for a better life for themselves and their families.

Anargyros Kallos (Year 10)

The 5km run which I endured is best described in one word: sweaty. Granted, it was difficult, but throughout its duration, I could only think that whatever challenge this might be, it is in no way comparable to the struggle of refugees and all oppressed people generally. We live in a world of great abundance yet still so much suffering occurs needlessly. My contribution is not much, but we should value any attempt to show solidarity with our fellow humans toiling through times of struggle.

I nominate:

  1. Avi Carleton
  2. Jackson Campton
  3. William Knight
  4. Vasanth Kumaralingam
  5. Diluxan Ramanan  


Gyan Sahay (English Teacher)

'My 5 kilometre walk was another wonderful experience at Sydney Olympic Park. I took a new route which followed the marshland Trails from Kevin Coombs Avenue, crossing Australia Avenue, climbing  Krones Hill and back to the car park. I was reminded of the Pavilions that served as stables during Easter show and were used for HSC marking!  I loved this walk with my husband and am looking forward to discovering all the other walking and cycling paths as well as the picnic areas. The sounds of the numerous protected animal species is so inviting! I nominate my Year 10 English class to walk or run 5 km!'


Sean McGlade (Year 10)

'The year has been one that I certainly haven’t experienced before. The ability to get out and explore the natural world is something that I need to do a bit more. The sounds of nature and sights of regeneration after the nations bushfires, has me amazed at how wonderful God's earth is.'


10A English (nominated by Ms Khan)

From left to right Jordan Nyugen, Toby Knight and Edison Cheng from year 10 rode their bicycles on the 29th of August 2020 around Olympic Park to complete their 5km Challenge. 

They have nominated:

  1. Keegan Tong
  2. Keistan Ta 
  3. Avraam Carleton
  4. Daniel Wong see
  5. Anargyros Kallos 


Mr Howard (Head Teacher Administration and PDHPE Teacher)

Mr Howard completed the 5km challenge with his family along the the beach on the weekend​. He actually walked 10kms! He has nominated family and friends. 


Ms Khan (English Teacher)

"When I was told by Ms Yong that an opportunity had come up to go for a run whilst also supporting a wonderful cause, I leapt at the opportunity. We are very fortunate during such a challenging time to be able to protect ourselves by having access to clean facilities and basic sanitary products. Unfortunately, many people around the world do not have this luxury. We can all do our part to help those most vulnerable by dedicating a short amount of our time and making a small donation to such an important charity!" 

She has nominated: 

  1. Lisa Brien
  2. Gyan Sahay 
  3. Catherine Lea 
  4. Year 10 English class ​

Yousuf Ali (Year 12)

'For me running is just like life, it can get really tough and difficult at times but if you put your head down and work through it, there is always a reward at the end. My race, my pace...'​

The people I nominated: 

  1. Adeel Sajid (Yr 12)
  2. Sajat  Kabir (Yr 12)
  3. Susrith Vasamsetti (Yr 11)
  4. Steven Tang (Yr 12)
  5. Eibad Shariat (Yr 12)

William Xu (Year 8)

William is the first junior student from HBHS to volunteer and complete the 5km challenge. He actually completed the challenge several times with different family members because he normally walks much more than 5kms. He thinks it’s fun to walk and talk with someone and you can get fit. He has nominated his mum, his three aunties, his uncle and sister in law. 


Mrs Brien (English Teacher)

Yesterday Mrs Brien walked to work and took moments to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms. She made the most of her toddler free time by listening to a podcast along the way. 

She has nominated:

  1. Steven Casey
  2. Angie Karas
  3. Dustyn Tomas - Year 11
  4. Christine Lancett (Crestwood HS)
  5. Onay Ebrahimi (Crestwood HS)

Ms Napoli (History teacher)

On Tuesday 18 August, Ms Napoli from the History faculty completed the 5km challenge by riding on a bike at the gym. She said 'taking the time to complete the challenge and ride 5km was great to look after both my physical and mental health. Exercise helps me regulate my mental wellbeing and the fact that this challenge can help others makes it a win-win! Everyone should get onboard and run, ride or walk 5km to help make a difference.'

She has nominated the following people:

  1. Mr Kisso
  2. Ms Carrasco
  3. Mr Howard
  4. 11 Modern 1
  5. 12 Modern 1

In overcrowded refugee camps where up to 1,300 people share just one tap, coronavirus prevention strategies like handwashing and social distancing are not possible.​ Make your daily exercise count to help vulnerable refugees get through the coronavirus pandemic!


If you are interested in taking part please see permission note attached, complete and hand in to Ms Yong. If you'd like to find out more on how to participate please go to:​​