29 June 2020 Emily Yong   | News | Whole School  
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As part of our celebration of Refugee Week at Homebush Boys High School, we hope to raise money for our most vulnerable in the world during this uncertain time. This is for students and teachers alike!

Join a global community of over a million changemakers and make your next 5 km count!

  • Run, walk or ride 5 km.
  • Donate $5 to support the world’s most vulnerable.
  • Nominate 5 people to take on the challenge!

You can help protect millions of vulnerable refugees from coronavirus:
$5 can provide soap to 3 people to last for seven weeks
$10 can help provide 4 people with safe water containers
$25 can provide 2 urban refugees with a cash grant to buy essential hygiene items
$50 can provide 3 people with primary healthcare services

Make your daily exercise count to help vulnerable refugees get through the coronavirus pandemic!

In overcrowded refugee camps where up to 1,300 people share just one tap, coronavirus prevention strategies like handwashing and social distancing are not possible.

How to get involved:

  1. Get a permission note from Ms Yong or download here. Please return them to Ms Yong in the English staff room.
  2. Go to https://run-for-heroes-aus.raisely.com/ and donate $5
  3. Go for your 5km run, walk or cycle (take a photo of yourself, holding your hand up in the ‘five’ position)
  4. Email Ms Yong (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with the photo of yourself, the 5 people you have nominated for the challenge and 1-2 sentences describing your experience running, walking or cycling. Your nominations, photo and description of the challenge will be posted on the school’s website and social media sites. Keep up to date with the challenge to see if your nominees have completed their part!

DATE: In your own time (3 week period: Term 3, Weeks 2-4: 27th July – 14th August)

Thanks for your support.