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As we roll into the May edition of our Educators’ Monthly newsletter, we have a busy calendar of online events ahead. Our team will also be exhibiting as part of InspirED’s upcoming digital expos, beginning with the HSC & Beyond Virtual Careers Expo from the 27-31 May.

We’re also introducing two new Media workshops for high schools as part of our interactive UNSWorkshops program, both of which can be delivered fully online or live-streamed to a classroom. Bookings for these workshops as well as our live-streamed UNSW presentations are available via our Careers Advisers Resources website.

Bring your difference

UNSW campuses are welcoming communities that let your students be them. This is where different minds meet across eight renowned faculties, and where you’ll have access to cutting-edge teaching and research facilities. Your students can broaden their thinking, apply their knowledge and be exposed to diverse perspectives right here on campus.

Encourage your students to speak up, raise their hand and put their ambition into action, and see where UNSW can take them.

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The Law Admission Test (LAT)
The LAT 2020 will take place on Tuesday, 29 September 2020.

Standard registrations for the LAT 2020 are now open and will close at 5:00pm AEST on Friday, 14 August 2020.

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Year 10 Subject Selection Evenings
Due to popular demand, we've introduced a third event on Thursday, 21 May, where we'll help your students navigate the HSC subject selection process. We'll cover how UNSW admissions and scholarship applications work and provide an insight into uni life.

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UNSW Arts & Social Sciences’ Media Workshops
Our interactive media workshops enable students to build knowledge and skills in areas such as media, public relations, advertising, communications, journalism and screen and sound production. Designed for students in Years 9-12 and delivered online, students will discover the diverse career opportunities across the media landscape while solving real-world challenges.

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Career Advisers' Resources
Whether it’s watching our Virtual School Presentation, being in the know about the latest UNSW events or finding out who to contact to get more information for your students, we’ve got you covered.

We also run live-streamed presentations delivered by our staff and Student Ambassadors which can be booked via the Book an Outreach Activity tab.

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