13 March 2020 Phirum Duch   | News | Community  
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On the morning of 6th of March members of the Prefect and SRC bodies, Zain Ousmand, Tom Nieser, Bassam Maaliki, Duy Quang Mai and Sreenath Didugu, accompanied by Mrs. Duch and Mrs. Paleothodoros, attended the Zonta International Women’s Day Breakfast; demonstrating our support and strengthening our longstanding relationship with the women’s advocacy group.

This year’s theme for the event was ‘equal for each’, and headlined strong women prominent in our local community, such as: Sarah Al Helfy (the 2019 winner of the ‘Young Women in Public Affairs’ award), Nawida Sultan (Vice-Captain of Strathfield South HS) and Karen Willis, who spoke on different issues and challenges women face in today’s society. There was also great emphasis on the issue of domestic or family violence, as a part of the proceedings Detective Chief Inspector Paul Albury spoke on this experience, as a member of the NSW Police Force, in dealing with domestic violence issues. Additionally, all men present recited the ‘International Women’s Day Breakfast Candle Ceremony’ pledge, vowing to work for a world without violence, abuse and discrimination against women” and reaffirming “the partnership of enlightened men and women will re-establish the right of women and children to be safe, equal and respected,” pledging “our strength and
commitment to bring this dream [of a world of equality and without violence] to reality.”

On the day, Duy Quang Mai was awarded the prestigious ‘Young Men Standing Strong Against Family Violence Award’ for this tireless and protracted commitment to the community and women’s issues. He also represented our school in the Candle Ceremony as a ‘candle bearer’ holding a candle during our pledge, representing the bright future ahead that all the people present are committed to realising. Overall, the event was a reaffirmation of Homebush Boys’ High School’s longstanding and continued commitment to women’s advocacy and a recognition of the role we, as men, play in the advancement of women’s rights.