28 February 2020 Tom Nieser   | News | Year 12  
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The works of Shakespeare were brought to life during the year 12 Advanced English interactive workshop of “The Tempest,” run by Bell Shakespeare. On the 25th of February, the Advanced English cohort gathered in the hall to experience an incursion like no other as we were actively and thoroughly engaged in discussion and debate about the Tempest.

We partook in activities ranging from reading extracts from the play, assuming the roles of various characters, and closely examining the finer working of the play, such as the morality of characters. The interactive activities were entertaining and educational, teaching us a great deal about the final play of Shakespeare.

 The Tempest workshop by Bell Shakespeare was a great opportunity to gain an enhanced understanding of the play, to exhibit our theatrical skills and to prepare ourselves for our imminent examinations on The Tempest. It can be concluded that it was very interesting and sparked much debate about the play, and, overall, was truly fascinating.