17 February 2020 Kate Fitzsimmons   | News | Sports  
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Winter Sport Selections are nearly upon us. Students will be able to choose their winter sports on Thursday 20th Feb at 6pm and will close on Tuesday 25th Feb at 1:50pm Students who have NOT paid for Summer Sport will not be allowed to choose a winter sport and will be placed in sport detention until they do so. Sports are chosen in consultation with parents and after looking at the cost and travel involved. That information is in this attached sheet.

Once students have decided on their sport they are to go to the school website and click on the "School moodle" tab on the right side of the site. You then login with your school login, click on "Public" then click on "Winter Sport Selections". Know what you are choosing and ensure you select what you want you will be in that sport for 18 weeks, there is no swapping as well as ensure you have selected the correct age group.

2020 Winter Season - Grade Sport Selection

2020 Winter Season - House Sport Selection