20 November 2019 Phirum Duch   | News | Whole School  
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In the month of November, the Prefect Team is raising funds and educating the student body about men’s health. To change the face of men’s health, the prefects are running a competition of “Who can grow the best moustache” between a chosen number of staff and students from the Prefect Body, in order to raise money for the Movember charity. The Prefects are implementing a new fundraising scheme which seeks to raise money through the use of a donation box inside the canteen. This scheme will run for the course of Movember and will allow students and staff to donate to the charity to help to raise funds and promote awareness of men’s health and more specifically, prostate cancer. At the end of November, the Prefect Body will hold a commemorative lunch to mark the end of Movember. During this lunch, the prefects will shave their moustaches (and possibly wax their legs) in front of the school, under the arches.

To support this great cause, please go online to donate or you can put your change from the canteen into the donation tins.

Thank you

The Prefect Team