30 October 2019 Georgia Anton   | News | Year 10  
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From the 5th to the 8th of August 2019, I was fortunate to do work experience hosted by 22 Squadron’s Sergeant Gerard Harkins and Flight Sergeant Marc Werner. We were taken around the base and engaged in a variety of activities that demonstrated the different roles of units and the variety of careers that are available in the Air Force. These included activities such as flying to ground support roles as well as familiarising ourselves with military working dogs, engineering, maintenance, logistics, air traffic control, PTI’s, medical, fire and rescue and the much desired and coveted piloting career path and simulators.

It was a week where we learnt a lot, met many new people and generally a great experience. An awesome time was had by all and I’d like to thank the RAAF for this great opportunity and Mrs Anton for her ongoing support.

Written by Krish Sethi, Year 10