25 October 2019 Georgia Anton   | News | Year 10  
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PIX U JOB is an App that assists students find jobs. It's innovative, user friendly and very quick. Throughout the last 2 weeks we have been very privileged to have a team of up to 5 people come in to present to our Year 10 cohort. The students loved it, as it is a rarity to have them use their mobile phones during class. Yes they were all on task and engaging with our presenters beautifully as they navigated through the App in an attempt to build their live profile. Some students were even awarded a gift voucher to Westfields on their IT savvy skills and their successful creation of their profile, I was so disappointed to have not be chosen.

In any event, the students learnt, engaged and enjoyed their presentation and on behalf of HBHS we'd like to thank PIX U JOB, and in particular Karim Mousri, their Memebership Manager who reached out to us and made it all possible. We welcome any further collaboration between the 2 organisations and feel that this is a really relevant and useful platform for students to link in with potential employers.

They have even offered internship / mentoring type of programs which I am certain that many of our boys will embrace.

Thank you so much PIX U JOB