26 September 2019 Lara Hasham   | News | Whole School  
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On Friday 20th of September, Homebush Boys High School had the pleasure of holding a combined trivia night with Strathfield Girls High School. Year 12 students as well as teachers from both schools took part, in a trivia quiz that tested the fundamental areas of knowledge: TV/Film, Music, Sports, General Knowledge and of course famous logos. From the opening two rounds of questions it was clear that there were two standout teams from the teachers. The English team included Ms Khan, Ms Mirkova, Ms Bonis, Ms Karas, Mrs Edwards and with help from Mr Elgood, and the “social science” team comprised of Mr Kisso, Ms Coutinho, Ms Napoli, Ms Budanovic, Mr Achmad and Mr Stinson who held the early 1st and 2nd places.

The big question on everyone’s mind was: could a student team possibly compete? This question was answered with a resounding yes when it was revealed that following the conclusion of all topics, there was a three-way tie for first position between the two aforementioned teams as well as team 9 – a Homebush Boys Year 12 team boasting the brainpower of Ming Wei Ma, Emilio Fernandez, Leon Burfield, Pritiv Raj, Yatin Moharana and Jean Clyde Cosip. A final tie-breaker round was called into session with the trivia committee calling upon one member from each team to compete in a three question trivia round, the winner of whom would secure the top prize of $20 Westfield vouchers for all team members. The three competitors were: Ms Napoli, Ms Karas and Ming Wei “the Mountain” Ma. Thanks to his exquisite knowledge of the USSR, Ming Wei emerged victorious, proving once and for all that a student team could win against teachers.

All in all, the trivia night was an immense success that was enjoyed by all who took part. I would like to acknowledge the astounding efforts of the trivia team: Peter Gock, Neeraj Mirashi, Calvin Iturra, Jay Park as well as from Strathfield Girls: Isha Lal, Sophie Kang, Jasmine Chan and Gina Lee. It was these amazing people who organised all the logistics and assembled the questions, ensuring that the night ran smoothly. Credit must also go to Ms Yong who supported the trivia team in the final hours before the night commenced, using all her organisational expertise to make sure everything was prepared. I would also like to thank everyone who gave up their time and competed on the night as well as Ms Hasham for keeping us on our game and on top of all the things we needed to cross off our “to do” list before kicking off the night. 

The trivia night also marked the final prefect initiative for the 2019 HBHS Prefect body. On behalf of all the prefects, I would like to thank the whole HBHS community for taking part in our initiatives and listening to our riveting speeches about corridor safety this past year. We have loved every minute of this amazing opportunity to serve the school as prefects and this school will always hold a special place in our hearts. I hope everyone has a fantastic last few months of the year, spending time with those who matter most – this is Charlie McLean signing off for the year.