06 September 2019 Georgia Anton   | News | Year 09   Year 10  
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On the 23rd July 2019, a group of Year 9 and 10 students had the opportunity to visit the Sydney Startup Hub near Wynyard Station to attend a STEM course. The Startup Hub was filled with innovative people who were trying to start their own business with the help of professional business owners. These young owners had to find a niche market to launch their experimental ideas. The Startup Hub is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere and can occupy up to 2500 people.

At the Sydney Startup Hub, we were given a lecture on starting up a business, career or job. The lecturers there were very thoughtful in educating us on what to do when we leave school or university. Following that, we were taken on a tour of the Sydney Startup Hub. At the hub, there we visited a coworking space called Fishburners. It is a non-for-profit organisation that is committed to creating startups in Australia which are got to do with technology. This is done through creativity, connection and collection to support. A generous university student gave us a tour of the Fishburners facility, explaining everything in detail and in a willingness to upskill young people. Following the fishburners, we visited the studio and cafe. At the studio, we got to visit a green screen and were told how it worked, we then visited a music production studio, one of the rooms were eerily quiet due to the acoustic studiofoam, and in the other room, all the sounds were heightened and made louder so that during production, all the singing and instruments are heard so that every aspect of the song is perfect. The studio also had its fair share of creators and new business owners.

At the Studio, there were 2 walls, one filled with sponsors to jumpstart your business, the sponsors included, Amazon, Dolby and Spotify. And on the other wall were the businesses, ones that would randomly select unknown music to be shown on popular pages, one which created virtual reality game about how technology could overtake your life, or another business that gave autistic people a chance to work, to play test games and to report any problems/bugs in the game. The students were also given a lecture about VET (Vocational Education and Training). A VET course is very similar to that of a TAFE course, as unlike universities, they apply to more practical learning compared to a university which is more on the theory side of learning, so for some learners, TAFE AND VET is a far better option than universities. At the end of the session, we had to do a speech and poster on how to humanise technology in environments. We were divided into groups of three people and each group had to present their speech and poster to the lecturers that work at the Sydney Startup Hub. Our group’s presentation was on robots in the human environment and society. That is how they would help, cooperate with and socialise with humans in the world or how they phrased it, ‘How to make technology more humanised’. It challenged our creativity and some amazing ideas were made up, that of personal AI assistants, the use of magnets to make seating and furniture more user friendly and humane robots.

It was a fun experience, it gave the students an opportunity to think about their career choice and expanded their minds towards what their goal would be at the end of the school. They met many lovely people and got to see people who used their creativity and knowledge to build a business and to create job opportunities for others.

This was a great forum to learn, new meet people and explore various Career paths and would like to thank Mrs Anton for providing this opportunity to us.

By Soban, Pranav and Pranavan (Year 9)