16 August 2019 Georgia Anton   | News | Extra-Curricular  
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On the 25th June 2019, a group of Homebush Boys students had the privilege of attending the UTS STEM day. It was a great opportunity for us to discover and experience the different faculties of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) at university. It provided insight into the courses we could choose from to pursue our interests in UTS, and how it applies to the real world. We attended three workshops that varied in its field of study, each with its own uniqueness in STEM Transdisciplinary Innovation, Mechanical & Mechatronics, and Advanced Materials and Data Science.

Our first workshop was on exploring unknown possibilities which was part of transdisciplinary innovation where we had to use two categories to come up with an idea that benefits humanity. Our chosen topics was science and visual arts, and our second idea deriving from the topics was paint and physics. We had a lot of trouble attempting to mediate a plausible and creative idea. We originally had an impractical and over-the-top ideas that made no sense or were unnecessary and not unique. We came up with an idea relating to forensics which was how a blood splatter can determine how much strength is needed to create a blood splatter of a particular magnitude, hence being able to visualise the muscular build of the attacker.

After the first fascinating workshop, we headed to Lego Mindstorm which involved navigating a robot from start to end while encountering obstacles. From this, it encouraged us to understand how we can program robots to complete specific tasks. We were given a tablet with many tools to help us direct the robot its destination. We faced many challenges like how many degrees is needed to turn. This shows how much technology has improved from the past.

Our final workshop was on green power where we learnt about alternative energy sources to power our daily lives using science, physics, nanotechnology and material science. We were provided with a lamp, 2 lenses, voltmeter, lead to try and increase the voltage using heat. At the end we successfully completed our task. We faced many challenges involving how to order the items in order for it to work. 

At the end of our final workshop we made our way back to the lecture theatre for the panel to give us a summary about what university is like, different pathways we can take to get into uni, subject choices. We were also given booklets about different courses from different faculties to see what each course requires and the future careers that are involved depending on the course. From this experience, I recommend going to opportunities like this as you will do many fun activities and have an enjoyable learning experience.

We’d like to thank Mrs Anton for providing this wonderful opportunity once again.
Written by Justin Lam, Year 10