03 July 2019 Iqbal Singh   | News | Year 12  
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On Saturday, June 15 2019, 12 students from Year 12 Chemistry class took part in the RACI Titration competition at UWS, Campbelltown. This is a very challenging competition requiring very high level of skills and team work to achieve the desired results. Homebush Boys did extremely well among 12 other participating schools from across NSW schools. Twelve students split into 4 groups participated from our school. Besides all the boys having done well, one of the groups achieved FOURTH position in this competition, which is a great achievement. These boys are: Chris Kwon, Gio Ko and Zhangtao Deng. Other participants in the completion were: Oliver Nicholls, Andy Nguyen, Ton Nguyen. Jay Park, Neeraj Mirashi, Peter Gock, Zhen Hong Tan, Stanley Wong and Darshan Neshabalan. The credit also goes to Ms M Catalano and Dr P Balan for their hard work and guidance that they have provided to the students. A huge congratulations to all the participants, the winners and the teachers for bringing the pride to the school and the Homebush Community.