23 October 2017 Stanley | News | Extra-Curricular  

On 1st of August this year, I travelled to Malaysia in order to enter a robot competition conducted by the ‘International Youth Robot Association’. I went with my Nan, my robotics teachers and their daughters. The plane trip was around 10 hours, and once we landed it was another 4 hours trip via bus to a cable car. Since our hotel was quite high up in the mountains, the cable car ride was also roughly an hour long. It was already dark out by the time we arrived and we fell right asleep due to the lengthy trip.

The next day, we got up early, had breakfast and the competition began. There were many competitors ranging in age from children to adults. Lots of creatively built robots were brought from all over the world to compete here. For the first 2 days I was a spectator as the part my robot competed in wasn’t on until the final day. I didn’t end up winning, however the experience was really informative and fascinating.

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18 October 2017 Ahmad | News | Year 09  

During Term 3, on 7-9 August, a group of 32 Year 9 students had the privilege to attend the Snowy Mountains Camp for three days. On Monday we had to be at school at 6.00 pm sharp to depart to Canberra. At Canberra, we visited very memorable places like the Australian War Memorial, located opposite Parliament House. We had a very interactive experience learning using 3D video clips and observing the fascinating objects from WWI and WWII. We had a guided tour of many parts of Parliament House including the House of Representatives, Senate Chamber and Parliamentary exhibits. We also visited NASA-Deep Space Communication Network which was a very educational and enjoyable experience. We learned of the benefits of space exploration, new technologies and international cooperation. After all these places we visited all the boys were exhausted and but we very excited to ski the next day. On Monday night we arrived at the ski hire store and we were fitted out in ski gear. We then went to out lodges for the night.

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16 October 2017 The PBL Team | News | Whole School   Community  

As part of rejuvenating the school’s PBL matrix and values, the PBL Team introduced the Bush Boy Behaviour (BBB) awards early in term one this year. The staff and students have embraced this initiative to award positive behaviour and maintain our values across the school.

Data collected so far reinforce the success of the BBB Awards. Students have placed 5014 BBB awards in the Friday assembly raffle box. This equates to a weekly average of 179 BBBs. On Friday 24 March there were 324 BBBs in the box. This is the highest weekly contribution. As well, this has resulted in over 800 bronze awards awarded to the students during the past 3 terms.

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