19 December 2019 Kevin Elgood | News | Whole School  

Wishing you holidays filled with fun and laughter, and very best wishes for a prosperous new year.


School Resume on: 

Tuesday 28th January 2020 - Staff Only
Wednesday 29th January 2020 - Year 7, Year 11 & Year 12
Thursday 30th January 2020 - Year 8, Year 9 & Year 10

19 December 2019 Kate Fitzsimmons | News | Year 09   Year 10  

On the 12th of December, Year 9 and Year 10 students had the privilege of hosting a visit from two of our Australian Rugby Sevens players who will be playing at the Sydney Sevens tournament on February 1st and 2nd as well as representing our country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The boys were able to hear about the players journey and had a Q and A session as well as a meet and greet at the end of the presentation. Good luck boys at both the Sydney Sevens and Tokyo Olympics from Homebush Boys High School.


18 December 2019 Iqbal Singh | News | Year 11  

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney recognises students in Science in Year 11 for their outstanding achievement in Science across all the schools in NSW. The recipients of this prestigious award from Homebush Boys High School, this year are; Ayman Kharbutli and Sourabh Leelchand. These students and their parents were invited to visit the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute on Monday, December 9, 2019 for a presentation. The students had the opportunity to listen to some great speakers and see the research work related to the heart diseases carried out by the eminent staff at the institute.

This facility is open to the public as well and you may book the visits through the website https://www.victorchang.edu.au. This is a great opportunity to visit and see how wonderful work is carried out at this institute in the field of medicine to prevent the ever increasing mortality caused by various cardio vascular diseases and the heart conditions.

Congratulations to Ayman and Sourabh on this achievement on behalf of Homebush Boys High School and the Community.