19 December 2017 Kirsty Glasby | News | Whole School  

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday! 

School Resumes on: 

Monday, 29th January, 2018 - Staff Only Day

Tuesday, 30th January, 2018 - Year 7, Year 11, Year 12 & All New Enrollment Students

Wednesday, 31st January, 2018 - Year 8, Year 9 & Year 10

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18 December 2017 Samuel & Nathan | News | Sports  

On Saturday 2nd December Homebush Boys participated in a state badminton competition. The event was held at Canberra Grammar school and was attended by Samuel Chen, Bosco Hoang, Tom Li, Winston Li, Lawrence Li, Sudharshan Sundaramurthy and myself (Nathan Cheng).

Mr Ramana organised the transport to the courts at Canberra Grammar. The competition began at 9am and concluded at 6pm with competition drawn from all over NSW & ACT ranging from teenagers to adults.

We all enjoyed the experience of playing against ranking players. This has opened our eyes to the requirements of mixed competition and has helped us to improve our game skills.

A huge thank you to our Coaches Mr Joe Teh, Mr Ha, Mr Ramana and the players of Sydney Jets Badminton for their continual training and support.

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18 December 2017 Jon Sculthorpe | News | Year 09   Year 10   Sports  

Over the past term, several of our year 9 and 10 boys have been involved in the Creating Chances program. This program is aimed at developing the leadership and communication skills of select students and aims to encourage them to keep schooling as a priority.

Each session, the students spend a period in the classroom looking at important life skills and values development. This is followed by a practical session where team-building and competitive games are played. The students have learnt several world traditional games in their practical lessons and taken away skills in communication, problem solving and resilience.

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