13 October 2016 Gina Sorensen | News | Community  

Learn practical skills for resolving teenage behaviour problems in modern times. Build a stronger relationship and renew your sense of confidence by equipping yourself with the skills to hold touch conversations about challenging behaviour with your teen.

When: Saturday 22nd October 2016 9am to 4pm
Where: The King's School, 87-129 Pennant Hills Rd, North Parramatta
Prices: $109 one person | $189 two people

Spaces are limited. Book early.
Register Now: http://parentshop.com.au/kings

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12 October 2016 Emily Yong | News | Year 07  

7F history students were wrapped up in an ancient process, a process we know as mummification. As part of our study of ancient societies, year 7 are learning about ancient Egyptian burial customs.

Through this role-play activity, students in groups of three had different roles to enact. One student was the Chief priest performing the tasks, another student also acted as a priest who read the meticulous instructions required in mummification and the last student had to lie extremely still.

The students learnt the step-by-step process involved in mummification as well as its religious significance in ancient Egyptian society. It provided them a hands on way of learning the steps involved in this ancient procedure, in a way I’m sure they’ll never forget.

Ms Yong

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10 October 2016 James Wark | News | Year 07   Sports  

My name is James Wark, I’m 13 years old and one of the best shot-putters in the state. That may be a slight exaggeration, but of the thousands of kids in NSW, I am the 15th best. But that didn’t happen by chance.

It all began at the School Athletics Carnival. A throw of 9.70m got me first and into zone, along with a few other events. At the zone carnival I came 2nd and qualified for the regional carnival. This was one step closer to CHS which was very exciting for me. At regional, after a throw of 10.78m, I came away with a bright green jacket and another 2nd place, a sure spot for CHS. In the mail came my second jacket, the black and red Sydney North representative one. Finally, the day came. A decent throw and an OK position was good, but just the idea of being at the CHS made me ecstatic. With the last jacket, light and dark blue, came the end of the adventure. After 4 months and 3 jackets later, I am pleased to have reached this level in my first year at Homebush Boys High School and look forward to next year where I hope I can improve.

James Wark, Year 7

23 September 2016 John G Kennedy | News | Community  

Get fit and have fun at these group boot camp sessions, suitable for all levels of fitness. Sessions will involve activities such as stretching, boxing, bodyweight exercises, cardio circuits and agility training. The trainer, Kelly Jeffrey, has a strong background in fitness and has played competitive netball for over 15 years.

Location: Airey Park, Homebush

Dates: Every Thursday for 10 weeks commencing 13 October

Times: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Cost: $4 per session (this program will be ticketed).

Boot Camp sessions are open to anyone aged 12-24. Fee must be paid prior to classes starting. Fees will not be refunded. In the event of wet weather a nutrition class will be run at Strathfield Community Centre. Sessions will be capped at 20 max.

Please click on the image for Boot Camp Registration Form. 

22 September 2016 Divik Nigam | News | Year 12  

In their final year the Visual Arts and Music year 12 students have worked tirelessly on their HSC Body of Works and Musical items.

On the night of September 3 - CAPA Night, the teachers and students were delighted to showcase their Body of Works to over 80 individuals, including parents, students, friends, teachers and even other staff members from other schools. Having presented and performed such amazing artworks and musical pieces, our Year 12s were shown support and encouragement as well as offered best wishes for their upcoming HSC examinations.

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19 September 2016 Gyan Sahay | News | Extra-Curricular   Whole School  

At 7:30 every Thursday morning, twenty dedicated volunteers run the breakfast club in 66. They passionately prepare restaurant-rating food such as hashbrowns, toasted bread, a variety of cheese and tomato bread, and a wide, healthy assortment of fresh fruit for the students and teachers at our school.

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12 September 2016 Phirum De Michiel | News | Year 10  

We’re celebrating Australian Business Week during Week 8, Term 4. The program involves a group of Year 10 students in a business simulation program over a one week period. This year, we’re running the ABW program in conjunction with Strathfield Girls High School. Various parts of the program will be held at: Strathfield Girls High School. The program will be held in Week 8, Term 4: Monday 28th Nov to Friday 2nd Dec 2016. Please note that due to limited space available at Strathfield Girls High School’s hall, only 50 boys from Homebush Boys High School can participate in the program.

The ABW program is designed to encourage independent and cooperative learning skills, and to develop an enterprise mindset prior to proceeding to further study or entering the workforce. It exposes students to coping with deadlines and developing effective time management, both major issues that impact on students in the Preliminary and HSC years of high school as well as in the workplace.

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09 September 2016 Christopher Burke | News | Year 08   Extra-Curricular  

The future of Australia rests in the hands of its young people, and one student showing an interest in shaping Australia’s future is our year 8 student Bassam Maaliki. Bassam has been accepted into the New South Wales Junior Parliament for 2016, an amazing accomplishment that will allow him to represent his community with pride. Part of this initiative will involve him spending a week, talking with like-minded students from across NSW before spending two days debating on particular issues before members of parliament.

Bassam will be working alongside 9 other students in the Multicultural Committee, discussing ideas, issues and solutions to problems that have been identified in their communities. This is an excellent opportunity to build skills in leadership and public speaking and learn a number of other skills that will allow Bassam to demonstrate his drive to improve his community and affect the future direction of NSW.

Homebush Boys High School congratulates Bassam for the work he has done so far in being accepted into this lucrative program and wishes him all the best as he works through the program in the upcoming weeks.

07 September 2016 William, Jia and Usman | News | Year 09  

This year in Year 9 Graphics Technology we have been focusing on the software program Adobe Photoshop. Our teacher Ms Dorman, taught us a number of skills and techniques which enabled us to create simple two dimensional logos. We did several projects over the period of two terms where we learnt about the skills needed for the Graphic Design Industry. Expanding on these skills we then learnt how to animate our logos. We applied these techniques to the Homebush Boys High School logo and William Ma, Jia Huang and Usman Hanif’s animated logos were selected from the entire class to be featured on the school website! In conclusion, in the Year 9 Graphics Technology course we were able to learn essential animations skills required for the graphics industry. 


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05 September 2016 Gina Sorensen | News | Community  

Feeling concerned about your child’s use of social media and technology? Want to better understand the role of technology in young people’s lives?

Tweens, Teens & Technology is a FREE seminar aimed at parents of 9 to 17 years and provides the opportunity to explore issues and concerns about technology use.

When: Tuesday 13 September 2016

Time: 5:45pm to 8pm

Location: Good Shepherd, 440 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville

Facilitators: Carol Ashmore & Anne–Marie Taylor

Registration: (02) 85717800 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The seminar will discuss:

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