08 August 2017 Louise Symonds   | History | Year 07  
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Faculty: History - Year 7 Assessment Task

Due Date: Week 6 Term 3 (Day of submission to be determined by teacher)

Syllabus Component: Ancient Egypt

Weighting: 40%

Task Description: The task is 4 paragraphs on various aspects of life in Ancient Egypt. For each paragraph there is a question you must answer. There will be time to work on this task in class. It can be hand written or you can publish using your computer but a printed copy must be submitted. Each paragraph is worth 5 marks.

  • Paragraph 1 - Why was the Nile River important to Ancient Egypt?
  • Paragraph 2 - Who was the Pharaoh, what were his/her responsibilities and what were his/her symbols of power?
  • Here are 3 questions but you only have to do 2 (as well as paragraph 1 and 2). You will submit 4 paragraphs in total.
    1. What did the Ancient Egyptians believe? (religion)
    2. How did the Ancient Egyptians prepare their dead for the afterlife? (mummification/ why they mummified their dead)
    3. What were the social groups of Ancient Egypt? (If you do this one make it paragraph 3 because that would be good in terms of structure)