09 November 2016 Geoffery Spotswood | News | Sports  

Homebush’s 1st X1 cricket captain, Lachlan Beattie has been in sensational form this season which was demonstrated by his 116 not out against Asquith BHS in their current grade match. Lachlan opens the bowling and bats at first drop is also playing grade cricket for Sydney where he is one of the leading wicket taker in Fourth Grade.

The 1st X1 have won the opening three Wednesday matches with wins against Epping, Normanhurst and Asquith. The team has great depth with Nivethan Radhakrishan, Nivethan Radhakrishan, Ryan Wu, Todd Dale, Shrihari Nair and Dylan Powell contributing strongly with the bat and bowling sprearheaded by Ryan Wu, Rahul Thileeprahul, Sree Sista, Omar Warisi, Nivethan Radhakrishan and Sanjit Selverajoo, Amaan Ansari.

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07 November 2016 Khushal Dogra | News | Year 10  

On Thursday the 27th of October, a group of HBHS students, Justin Yuen, Siddharth Satyavolu, Keegan Wong, Victor Tang, Shamik Patel, Alfred Zhang, Leon Salsiccia, Sreekanth Didugu, Pranavan Thiruchenthilrajan, Khushal Dogra, Nicholas Li and Dylan Tran went to UNSW University to attend the High School Information Day for Engineering.

The coordinator of the event and university students gave us a warm welcome. The coordinator briefly discussed the major role of Engineering in our society whilst outlining the schedule for the day. After this introduction we were sent off to our first Engineering workshop which gave us an insight to a specific field of Engineering.

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04 November 2016 Dasaradh Kodali | News | Year 10  

On 26th October of 2016 a group of students including myself have taken the opportunity to visit Western Sydney University and have an experience of what university life was like.

Everyone had acted very responsibly and represented the bushy body spirit throughout the day despite the fact we were unsupervised. It wasn’t only us but there were several hundreds of students from other schools who also attended the event.

Thanks to Mrs. Anton who had presented us with this fantastic opportunity we have had a great day and learnt a great deal of knowledge. We started of the day a bit late however. The driver wanted all the students to be safe on the motor way through the heavy traffic. Despite that thanks to him we reached the venue safely without a scratch.

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02 November 2016 John G Kennedy | News | Community  

What is Foster care? (Key Messages)

Foster care gives children, who cannot live with their own families, the opportunity to live within a safe and nurturing home environment. Children in foster care are aged from 0 to 17 years.
Depending on their circumstances, a child may be in foster care for a few days, a few weeks or for many years.

Why do children need foster care?
Most children who need foster care have experienced trauma and various forms of abuse and can't live with their birth family.

Wherever possible, the plan is to get children back living safely with their birth families. Foster care is required when there isn’t an extended family member or members of a child’s community to provide for their care

When a child has been separated from their family because of ongoing child protection concerns the Children’s Court and Family and Community Services will be involved in making the decisions about children’s care.

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28 October 2016 Cheiban Elaro | News | Year 08  

Homebush Boys’ Year 8 debating team excelled in this year’s Premiers Debating Competition. The team reached the regional quarter finals through sheer hard work and great team work.

The team, Timothy Choong (first speaker), Nabeel Rana (second speaker), Shivam Bhonsel (third speaker) and David Li (team advisor), developed strong team dynamics which helped them overcome several strong debating teams.

Two members of the team started debating in Year 7. The team captain, Shivam Bhonsel, reflected, “We enjoyed the competition, improved with every debate and had lots of fun along the way.”

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19 October 2016 John G Kennedy | News | Extra-Curricular  

Symphonia Jubilate is a symphony orchestra made up of students predominantly from primary and secondary schools in the Strathfield education area. Founded in 2013 by Tracy Burjan and Luke Wallace, the orchestra aims to provide students with an opportunity to rehearse, learn and perform quality orchestral music from a diverse range of musical styles, as well as to foster a new level of music appreciation and skill.

Symponia Jubilate Presents - Lights Camera Action

When: Saturday 12th November 2016

Where: Marie Bashir Public School Hall, Albert Rd, Strathfield

Tickets: $20 Family | $10 Adult | $7 Child or Pensioner


For more information please contact, Tracy (0425 276 067) or Luke (0431 113 024)

17 October 2016 Phirum De Michiel | News | Year 12  

Congratulations to all the Prefects of 2016-2017. The student leaders have worked hard in their academic, sports, creative activities, outdoor education, responsibility in school and service learning. Furthermore, they have demonstrated excellence in their role of being responsible global citizens in wearing their school uniform with pride and taking responsibility for or showing leadership and initiative in various school functions. Therefore, popularity is not a criteria used to be elected as student leaders. The Prefects have been selected in a fair democratic election process by their peers and teachers because of the special qualities that they have demonstrated in their positive interactions with the rest of the school community. For example, Zaki Ousmand, the School Captain, is a considerate and respectful student. He is kind and compassionate towards his teachers and fellow students. For the first time at HBHS, we have a School Captain who can sing, dance and play musical instruments as well as chairing a formal school assembly. Ibrahim Taha, the Vice School Captain, is friendly, ever joyful and a confident communicator. He is a hardworking student whom all students can turn to if they want some study tips. Levi Anderson-Foster, the Senior Prefect, is creative and a motivator of the Prefect team. He has broad shoulders that all students can cry on when they need a friend.

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13 October 2016 Gina Sorensen | News | Community  

Learn practical skills for resolving teenage behaviour problems in modern times. Build a stronger relationship and renew your sense of confidence by equipping yourself with the skills to hold touch conversations about challenging behaviour with your teen.

When: Saturday 22nd October 2016 9am to 4pm
Where: The King's School, 87-129 Pennant Hills Rd, North Parramatta
Prices: $109 one person | $189 two people

Spaces are limited. Book early.
Register Now: http://parentshop.com.au/kings

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12 October 2016 Emily Yong | News | Year 07  

7F history students were wrapped up in an ancient process, a process we know as mummification. As part of our study of ancient societies, year 7 are learning about ancient Egyptian burial customs.

Through this role-play activity, students in groups of three had different roles to enact. One student was the Chief priest performing the tasks, another student also acted as a priest who read the meticulous instructions required in mummification and the last student had to lie extremely still.

The students learnt the step-by-step process involved in mummification as well as its religious significance in ancient Egyptian society. It provided them a hands on way of learning the steps involved in this ancient procedure, in a way I’m sure they’ll never forget.

Ms Yong

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10 October 2016 James Wark | News | Year 07   Sports  

My name is James Wark, I’m 13 years old and one of the best shot-putters in the state. That may be a slight exaggeration, but of the thousands of kids in NSW, I am the 15th best. But that didn’t happen by chance.

It all began at the School Athletics Carnival. A throw of 9.70m got me first and into zone, along with a few other events. At the zone carnival I came 2nd and qualified for the regional carnival. This was one step closer to CHS which was very exciting for me. At regional, after a throw of 10.78m, I came away with a bright green jacket and another 2nd place, a sure spot for CHS. In the mail came my second jacket, the black and red Sydney North representative one. Finally, the day came. A decent throw and an OK position was good, but just the idea of being at the CHS made me ecstatic. With the last jacket, light and dark blue, came the end of the adventure. After 4 months and 3 jackets later, I am pleased to have reached this level in my first year at Homebush Boys High School and look forward to next year where I hope I can improve.

James Wark, Year 7