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At Homebush Boys we have 8 computer labs.  We make sure they are well maintained so that students and staff have access to reliable and fast computers kitted out with the latest software.

We have two types of labs:

1:1 Student to Computer

In these labs each student has their own computer.  These labs are good for self paced study to allow students to develop essential computer skills, explore and experiment and develop a solid foundation on using technology.

2:1 Student to Computer

In these labs students typically work in pairs at the computers.  This teaches students how to work together and has many benefits including allowing them to share and learn from each others experiences and strengths.  They also learn how to teach others and get a deeper understanding of the social implications of technology.  This model is similar to Pair Programming, a method regularly used in Agile Programming which is a popular programming approach.


We have found that the combination of these, in conjunction with extensive integration of classroom technology supports a robust learning environment whilst also teaching students how to use technology well to achieve amazing outcomes.