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Each week parents and students can access where students will be attending sport for that week by clicking on the sports arrangement links below. It should be noted that on occasions the Sports Coordinator may have to make late changes because of bad weather or grounds or venues being closed or unavailable.


Winter Sport 2017 Weekly arrangements 


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Weekly Sport results

Sports person of the week

Rabieh El-Kabbout 4th Grade Football Ms Coutinho
Piari Anderson 1st Grade Football Mr D Carrozza
Korhan Sozen 1st Grade Football Mr D Carrozza
Kevin Burca 14A Football Mr Lee
Eric Kim 14B Football Ms Hasham
Christopher Wang 14B Football Ms Hasham
Simon Ayoub 14B Football Ms Hasham
Sunny Ruan 13C Football Mr Attwood
Sarvesh Pokhrel 13C Football Mr Attwood
Rian Surti Junior A Hockey Ms Legge
Moses Nadarajah 15C Football Mr Prasad
Kabishan Chandrasekaranadar 15C Football Mr Prasad
Stephen Wilcox 14C Football Ms Crotty
Ashfeen Ferdouse 14C Football Ms Crotty
Jonty Ward-Gemmell 14C Football Ms Crotty
Omer Sinmaz 14C Football Ms Crotty
Noah Zreik 14C Football Ms Crotty
Zak Pladas 15A Football Mr Achmad
Danial Aboulmaali 13A Football Mr Howard
Antonio Ramundo 13A Football Mr Howard
Samuel Chen 1st Grade Badminton Mr Ha
Eric Nguyen 1st Grade Badminton Mr Ha
Thomas Kim 15's Badminton Mr Ha
Winston Li 15's Badminton Mr Ha
Wai Him Hoang 15's Badminton Mr Ha
Michael Jackson 2nd Grade Tennis Ms Catalano
Ayman Kharbutli 15's Tennis Ms Catalano
Jake Harley 2nd Grade Football Ms Chapman
Nicholas Knezevic 2nd Grade Football Ms Chapman
Maxwell Tait 2nd Grade Table Tennis Ms Yong
Bryan Lam 2nd Grade Table Tennis Ms Yong
Adam Aaron 1st Grade Table Tennis Ms Yong
Jayden Spinola Senior Lawn Bowls Ms Crosby
Imran Ali Junior Lawn Bowls Ms Crosby
Ben Gosby 5th Grade Football Mr G Carrozza
Kevin  Lee Powells Creek Tennis Ms Ball