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  • UN Youth Conference

    On the 17th -19th of March 2017, more than 200 students from across the state, met at The Collaroy Centre and took part in a global conversation. We learnt about leadership, diplomacy and advocacy that connected with issues that challenged the leaders of today and shape our national discourse. Most importantly we built friendships with a diverse array of students from all around NSW and become inspired to deliver change in our local communities, and eventually the world.

    After school on Friday the 17th of March, 11 Homebush boys’ students travelled north to the Collaroy Centre where they spent the next two days in intensive workshops and on the final day a 4 hour debate on world issues that the UN faces daily at the University of Sydney Law School.

  • Public Speaking Excellence at Homebush

    The Annual All Boys John Symond Public Speaking Competition was held in the school hall on Thursday 16 March, 2017. Twenty-five students from Years 7-11 each delivered a 4 minute speech on topics such as A Path worth Taking, The Best things in Life are Free, Technology has gone too far, The Silent Killer, The Point of No Return and Put Another Log in the Fire.

    The students competed in 2 sections – a junior section and a senior section. The competition was lively with some exemplary performances throughout the day. The chair was Tobias Buckley and the timekeeper was Rukshil Darshan. Ms Sahay was the adjudicator.

    The winners in the junior section were Timothy Choong (first), Samuel Livingston (runner up), Alve Rayan (second runner up). And Elias Mansfield was recognized with the highly commended award. In the Senior Section, the winner was Tobias Buckley, whilst the first runner up was Charles Mclean and Fawad Faheem was the second runner up. Niranjan Reghunath was highly commended for his effort.

  • Australian Business Week 2016

    ABW is a leading developer of business simulations for schools, tertiary institutions and the corporate sector. This program is being organised collaboratively every year between Homebush Boys High and the Strathfield Girls High School. This year, 52 boys from Homebush Boys High School participated and worked along with girls as a team. A total number about 230 students both girls and boys have participated and they were divided into 26 groups. ABW programs incorporate computer simulated business environments. In the safety of the virtual world, participants assume management roles in businesses and make decisions that affect business performance. Each group had to decide their General Manager and Managers for Operations, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. Students have worked on the theme “Hospitality” and they learn to run a virtual hotel. It is amazing to see that our students have intesely engaged with their work the whole week and made so many invaluable decisions in relation to the issue of shares, dividend, assets, liabilities and so many other skills necessary to run a business as an entrepreneur. In addition to being savy business people, our boys have developed various 21st century learning skills such as communication, problem solving, analytical, teamwork and time management. These skills will allow the students to achieve academic success in their HSC as well as physical, social and psychological development.

  • RSA & RCG

    A group of boys from our school took part in a two-day course which we attained our RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and RCG (Responsible conduct of Gaming) licenses. The first day took part on the 16th of September at our school in the ILC. The first lesson was about the RSA qualification, which advised us on the responsibilities we will have and the type of jobs we can obtain by having this qualification. This was a very interesting course as it informed myself and my fellow students about how businesses are run when they are selling alcohol and the different types of alcohol that is sold in pubs. On the second day 17th of September the students who took part in the RSA license also took part in the RCG qualification at the Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL. Here we learnt how RSL and clubs are run, the responsibilities we have as individuals who work at RSL and pubs and also how we can help people who have a gambling issue.

    By obtaining the accreditation it widens our job opportunities to work at restaurants, clubs, pubs, bars and liquor stores where alcohol is sold and served.

    It was a great opportunity to gain new skills that will make us employable.

    We’d like to thank Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL for training us and Mrs Anton with her organisation of this event.

  • Symphonia Jubilate - Lights Camera Action

    Symphonia Jubilate is a symphony orchestra made up of students predominantly from primary and secondary schools in the Strathfield education area. Founded in 2013 by Tracy Burjan and Luke Wallace, the orchestra aims to provide students with an opportunity to rehearse, learn and perform quality orchestral music from a diverse range of musical styles, as well as to foster a new level of music appreciation and skill.

    Symponia Jubilate Presents - Lights Camera Action

    When: Saturday 12th November 2016

    Where: Marie Bashir Public School Hall, Albert Rd, Strathfield

    Tickets: $20 Family | $10 Adult | $7 Child or Pensioner


    For more information please contact, Tracy (0425 276 067) or Luke (0431 113 024)

  • Breakfast Club 2016

    At 7:30 every Thursday morning, twenty dedicated volunteers run the breakfast club in 66. They passionately prepare restaurant-rating food such as hashbrowns, toasted bread, a variety of cheese and tomato bread, and a wide, healthy assortment of fresh fruit for the students and teachers at our school.

  • NSW Junior Parliament Accepts Bassam Maaliki of Year 8 into Its Program

    The future of Australia rests in the hands of its young people, and one student showing an interest in shaping Australia’s future is our year 8 student Bassam Maaliki. Bassam has been accepted into the New South Wales Junior Parliament for 2016, an amazing accomplishment that will allow him to represent his community with pride. Part of this initiative will involve him spending a week, talking with like-minded students from across NSW before spending two days debating on particular issues before members of parliament.

    Bassam will be working alongside 9 other students in the Multicultural Committee, discussing ideas, issues and solutions to problems that have been identified in their communities. This is an excellent opportunity to build skills in leadership and public speaking and learn a number of other skills that will allow Bassam to demonstrate his drive to improve his community and affect the future direction of NSW.

    Homebush Boys High School congratulates Bassam for the work he has done so far in being accepted into this lucrative program and wishes him all the best as he works through the program in the upcoming weeks.

  • Interact Conference 2016

    On Monday, 2 May,Homebush BoysInteractors had the opportunity to attend the Interact Conference at the Aerial Function Centre,UTS Ultimo. This event allowed myself and fellow attendees to forge connections with other Interact Clubs from across the Western Sydney Region through. This opportunity to ‘interact’ with other clubs gave us an incredible insight into Club and event management. The congregation of Interact Clubs allowed for discussion into fundraising schemes and their effectiveness.

  • Strathfield Youth Awards 2016

    Interact Boys receive special awards

    These photos are of the boys from the Interact Club fromHBHS who received awards in the recent Community Service Awards Ceremony held by our local Rotary Club. Our teacher whoorganised us to go, MrAlbertson was there on the night to congratulate the boys; in fact MrAlbertson was instrumental in making the nominations. On the night the boys were given the awards by members of Rotary and theStrathfield Council.Dashie gave a speech to thank MrAlbertson on the work he has done for Interact and the school. On behalf of the Interact boys that attended the ceremony we thank MrAlbertson for all his hard work to help Interact with setting up pizza days and making sure we show initiative by joining our Interact meetings every Monday. We thank MrAlbertson for all the hard work he puts in to make sure we run smoothly and has given up his own hours to help out on Harmony Day and theStrathfield May Fun Fair.


  • ANZAC Day Service

    On Tuesday the5th of April, CharlieMclean and James Smith of Year 9 attended an ANZAC Day service at Hyde Park in the City to partake in the event alongside 70 other Primary and Private schools. James and Charlie were representing bothHomebush Boys High School and the Public High Schools in NSW. Here is their recount.

    We arrived at the ceremony and met with the organiser to discuss what we had to do. We were introduced to many people, some new faces and some old. Our main duties were to hand out service guides along with a Golden Star. Each star had the name of a fallen ANZAC soldier and their platoon. There were upwards of around 500 students attending the ceremony. After we finished handing out the guides and the stars, the ceremony began.

  • UN Youth Conference 2016

    On the 11th – 13th of March, the annual UN Youth State Conference for 2016 was held at the Collaroy centre. There were close to 200 delegates from a wide variety of schools across New South Wales. From this 200, there were around 20 students from both Homebush Boys High and Strathfield Girls High attending this conference.

    We arrived around 5:00pm at the Collaroy centre on the 11th where we were greeted by the facilitators, who were always helpful and kind, throughout the whole conference. The first day was mostly about getting to know one another, and we played a variety of get-to-know-you games. On the second day, we took part in three separate workshops that covered a variety of issues, with the focus being gender perspectives. These workshops offered a unique insight into issues that we don’t usually cover at school. Of particular enjoyment, was the IPS scenario, where you take part in a mock diplomatic crisis. For many, this was the highlight of the conference as it challenged us and put us in a diplomatic conflict. We ended the day, with a trivia and disco night, which we all enjoyed.

  • Year 7 - Front row seat for the Bulldogs game

    LaitheSabha, Year 7 had a front row seat as ball boy for the mighty Bulldogs as they destroyed Manly at their home ground atBrookvale Oval on the opening Friday of theNRL competition.Laithe plays Rugby League for theBankstown Bulls and has exhibited dedication and commitment since starting atHomebush Boys High School where he is a member of the 13 Years Rugby team which trains each Wednesday morning at 7.30am.

    Laithe was captain of Banksia Rd. Public School and displayed “Bushie” spirit recently when he proudly wore his Homebush Boys High School uniform when he attended a function hosted by the NSW Premier, Mr. Mike Baird. The function focussed on social inclusion and engagement by addressing the aspirations and concerns of Muslim boys.

  • Work Experience with MP by Ibrahim Taha

    JDI was fortunate to do work experience in the office of Jihad Dib MP for Lakemba. With only two staff and a large electorate to represent, I understood the busy schedule of a politician.

    I was able to travel with him in the car to events, answer long phone calls, sit in private meetings, listen during live radio interviews and saw constituents complain to him with all their problems even a tiny parking fine. No matter how small the issue, he always gave time to solve it.

  • Symphonia Jubilate Orchestras 2016 - Join in

    Symphonia Jubilate Calendar 2016Symphonia Jubilate is a collection of ensembles made up of students predominantly from primary and secondary schools in the Strathfield education area. Founded in 2013 by Tracy Burjan and Luke Wallace, the orchestra aims to provide students with an opportunity to rehearse, learn and perform quality orchestral music from a diverse range of musical styles, as well as to foster a new level of music appreciation and skill in a friendly environment.

  • Global Dignity Day 2015

    Global DignityOn Friday 23/10/2015, I had the privilege of travelling to the NSW Parliament for Global Dignity Day, with Amaan Ansari.

    Global Dignity Day is an international event founded in 2006 by young global leaders. Global Dignity Day is recognition of our dignity, which is the foundation of our humanity.

    The day began with a keynote address from former High Court judge, Hon Michael Kirby. He spoke to year 10 high school students from across the state about the battle to achieve full rights and dignity in Australia, ranging from Women’s rights to Indigenous rights, refugees, racism and bullying. His speech was inspirational. He told us that we all have the real opportunity to build a country that ensures dignity and equality of all people.

  • Former Student Heading to Washington D.C.

    Lachlan heading to WashingtonLachlan Foster will learn first hand how the United States Congress works after being selected to take part in the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program.

    The program, directed by former Congressional staffer Eric Federing, is available to students of 10 Australian Universities. Competition is fierce with only 14 students selected from 70 applicants. The application process requires each student to meet high academic standards, write a personal reflection essay and a statement that outlines how their interests and beliefs align with one of the prospective Congressional hosts.

  • Live and Study Overseas in 2016

    Exchange Student Flyer 2015Step out of your comfort zone.

    Be challenged!

    Click on the flyer to the right to see details of term 4 information sessions. 

    For further information visit http://www.scce.com.au or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Volunteering At St. Anne’s Primary

    On Friday, the 31st of July, Year 9 volunteers, Christopher Kadamani, Mohammad Mohaghegh, Dylan Lian, Ricky Trinh, Fawad Faheem, Vineel Repaka, Yusuf Isik and Ethan Tiah went to St. Anne’s Primary School in Strathfield South to assist with their Gameathon.

    The Principal, teachers and students of the school gave us a warm welcome. The friendly staff offered us delicious sausage rolls - moments after, the bell rang. We talked and played with the enthusiastic children and then got to work.

  • UWS Young Entrepreneurs Business Skills Day

    On Thursday, 16 July 2015 Homebush Boys High School students were invited by the School of Business at the University of Western Sydney (UWS) to attend a Young Entrepreneurs Business Skills Day. UWS were looking to work with high school students from key schools in Greater Western Sydney, to help build their business and professional capabilities, to help produce tomorrow’s business leaders.

    The UWS Young Entrepreneurs Business Skills Day offered our students a 1 day program designed for gifted Business Studies or Commerce students. The program focused on real business models and taught robust business processes aligned to the HSC curriculum.

  • Multicultural Day Success

    “Keep your language. Love its sounds, its modulation, its rhythm. But try to march together with men of different languages, remote from your own, who wish like you for a more just and human world.”
    ― Hélder Câmara, Spiral Of Violence

    Friday the 5th June was our celebration for Multicultural Day. It was a wonderful day where all staff and students tried food from our stall holders and music from Strathfield Girls and Homebush Boys.
    A Big Thank you to all staff, community members and students who contributed to make this a successful day!

    Please click on Read More for more photos from the day.