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  • Year 7 & 8 - Science in Canberra Excursion

    Your son has been given the opportunity to experience Science in Canberra as part of Science Week from Monday 7/8/2017 to Wednesday 9/8/2017 travelling by coach.

    Monday 7/8/2017
    • Depart school for Canberra at 7.00 am (students must be at school no later than 6.45 am)
    • Wombeyan Caves
    • Lunch – students must provide own lunch
    • Accommodation – Canberra Park Resort (Corner Old Well Station Road and Federal Highway, Watson ACT) (Ph: 1300 367 454)
    • Dinner
    • Mount Stromlo Observatory
    Tuesday 8/8/2017
    • Australian Institute of Sports
    • National Museum of Australia
    • Australian War Memorial
    • Embassy tour
    • Power Kart Raceway and mini golf
    • Canberra Reptile Zoo
    Wednesday 9/8/2017
    • Canberra Glassworks – students will learn how to cut and fuse glass to make their own coloured glass tile
    • National Dinosaur Museum gift shop
    • Questacon
    • Approximate arrival at school: 8.00 pm (depending on traffic)

    Cost: $385

    Cost includes meals (2 x breakfast, 2 x dinner, 2 x lunch), coach travel, 2 nights’ accommodation and entries to all venues. All money (full amount) must be paid to the front office and permission note returned to Ms Catalano no later than Monday 6th June. Seats are limited, the first 60 students to pay will be eligible to go.

    Accompanying teachers: Ms Catalano, Mr Burke, Dr Balan

    To see the full itinerary please click here


  • Year 8 Debaters Reach The Regional Quarters

    Homebush Boys’ Year 8 debating team excelled in this year’s Premiers Debating Competition. The team reached the regional quarter finals through sheer hard work and great team work.

    The team, Timothy Choong (first speaker), Nabeel Rana (second speaker), Shivam Bhonsel (third speaker) and David Li (team advisor), developed strong team dynamics which helped them overcome several strong debating teams.

    Two members of the team started debating in Year 7. The team captain, Shivam Bhonsel, reflected, “We enjoyed the competition, improved with every debate and had lots of fun along the way.”

  • NSW Junior Parliament Accepts Bassam Maaliki of Year 8 into Its Program

    The future of Australia rests in the hands of its young people, and one student showing an interest in shaping Australia’s future is our year 8 student Bassam Maaliki. Bassam has been accepted into the New South Wales Junior Parliament for 2016, an amazing accomplishment that will allow him to represent his community with pride. Part of this initiative will involve him spending a week, talking with like-minded students from across NSW before spending two days debating on particular issues before members of parliament.

    Bassam will be working alongside 9 other students in the Multicultural Committee, discussing ideas, issues and solutions to problems that have been identified in their communities. This is an excellent opportunity to build skills in leadership and public speaking and learn a number of other skills that will allow Bassam to demonstrate his drive to improve his community and affect the future direction of NSW.

    Homebush Boys High School congratulates Bassam for the work he has done so far in being accepted into this lucrative program and wishes him all the best as he works through the program in the upcoming weeks.

  • Year 8 Subject Selection

    A parent/guardian and student information evening and a year 8 assembly were held in the School Hall respectively on Thursday 18th of August 2016 and Tuesday 30th of August 2016 to clarify the process and help students to make their decisions. The decision needs to be made by the student’s entire family as they will all be affected by the decision.

    What does it mean at Homebush Boys High School?

    Students entering Stage 5 (Year 9 and 10) of their schooling are beginning a two-year course of study which leads to the award of the Record of School Achievement (ROSA). Students will undertake a combination of compulsory (core) subjects and elective subjects in Stage 5.

  • Year 9, 2017 Subject Selection Information Night

    There will be a Year 8 information evening regarding the elective subject selection process for the students going from year 8 into year 9 in 2017.

    The evening will cover the process undergone for the transition of the students into year 9 and the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) requirements. The information given will be more about the subject selection process, rather than about specific subjects.

    Where: Homebush Boys High School hall
    When: Thursday 18th August
    Time: 6.00pm start

    A subject information booklet will also be handed out on the night to help in this decision.

    This meeting is for parents. However, students are most welcome to attend. The information will be repeated for year 8 within the following weeks during their classes.

  • Let your Child continue to soar with WordFlyers

    WordFlyers – Use it 30 minutes a day for Literacy development!

    All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are now enrolled in the online literacy program called WordFlyers. This is the second year that the English Faculty has endorsed this wonderful initiative. Whilst students will work on it in class as part of the curriculum, the real benefits will be realised through daily use by the students at home. Half-an hour each night will help each student develop his reading, writing and comprehension skills enormously.
    All students have been registered and they have log-ins and passwords to access the program NOW. The program caters for each student as all the activities are specific to student’s needs.
    Please encourage your child to use it, ask him about the activities he is completing and the levels he is up to in the program.
    Any queries can be addressed to Mr Elaro in the English Faculty.

  • End of Year Message - Year 8 2015

    What a year it has been! I’d like to congratulate everyone, staff, students and community members for a year that has definitely highlighted the potential of the year 8 cohort 2015.
    It has been an absolute honour and privilege to lead this fantastic group of young men. It was a great opportunity for me to witness the growth and maturity of these students. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year as year advisor at Homebush Boys, and have found the school to be an energetic and busy place full of optimism, providing the best opportunities for the students to excel academically, socially and athletically.

  • Year 8 video - White Ribbon Day

    Every year, Homebush Boys High School is committed to supporting White Ribbon Day in the school, the community, and throughout the state. This year, Ms Adams’ year 8 art classes worked on projects supporting the values of White Ribbon Day in a variety of multimedia forms. Ms Adams’ 8F class worked fervently on a video documenting what White Ribbon Day means to these students, and to their school. Each student took on a production role to film interviews, and then worked during class time to edit the video into what you see here. Homebush Boys High School is proud to be a part of the battle against Australia’s domestic violence problems. 

    Please click on the picture to view the video. 

  • Homebush Debate Success!

    Homebush Boys High School’s Year 8 debating team became the Western Sydney champions last Friday. This means they are undefeated in 7 debates against teams from schools that stretch from Homebush to the Blue Mountains. The team has been together for two years as they competed in the Premiers Debating Challenge in Year 7 as well. The team is comprised of Aryan Jani, Michael Lopes, Charles McLean and James Smith. They have been mentored and coached by Mr Thomas Lee.

  • Operational Art 2015

    The Visual Arts faculty at Homebush BHS was delighted to hear that James Smith and Leon Burfield’s artworks were selected from the Operation Art exhibition, which will then be exhibited at the AGNSW early next year, along with 49 other artworks from the exhibition. Further good news was that James Smith has also won the Secondary Schools ANSTO award at the Operation Art exhibition, which is a fantastic achievement and recognises James talent in Visual Arts. Also the first time anyone from our school has won this prestigious award.

    The Operation Art exhibition is held at the Armory Art Gallery at Newington and is run in association with the New South Wales Department of Education’s ‘Arts Unit’ and Westmead Children’s Hospital. This year there were 857 student artworks from both primary and secondary schools across NSW that were entered in the exhibition.

  • Yr 8 End of Term 3 Report

    Term 3 Yr 8 Report

    It has been another fantastic term for our students both inside and outside the classroom at Homebush Boys High School. Our Year 8 students are now firmly integrated into the Homebush team and have involved themselves in all areas of school life.

    We’ve clarified the expectations regarding uniform in Term 3 assembly and our students are responding magnificently. There has been a noticeable improvement in how consistently smart and professional our students are presenting themselves. They continue to be superb ambassadors for our school. We are also very grateful for the ongoing support that you as parents / carers provide.

  • Year 8 Subject Selection

    What does it mean at Homebush Boys’ High School?

    Students entering Stage 5 (Year 9 and 10) of their schooling are beginning a two-year course of study which leads to the award of the Record of School Achievement (ROSA). Students will undertake a combination of compulsory (core) subjects and elective subjects in Stage 5.

    Core - Compulsory Subjects

    All students must meet the course objectives in each of the following courses:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Australian History
    • Australian Geography
    • Personal Development Health Physical Education (PDHPE)
  • Choosing a Lanugage in 2016

    Year 8 students will soon be selecting their elective subjects for Year 9 2016. At HBHS we offer the following Languages in Year 9-10.

    • Chinese-Background and Non-Background Speakers.
    • Korean- Background and Non-Background Speakers.
    • Italian- Background and Non-Background Speakers.
    • French- Background and Non-Background Speakers.

    Background Speakers courses require knowledge in the spoken and written language. Non-Background Speakers Courses require absolutely NO knowledge in the spoken or written language.

  • Term 2 Report - Year 8

    Congratulations to all year 8 students who progressed exceptionally well through term 2. I hope that everyone of you has developed a positive analysis on his semester 1 report. Keep up the good work and attempt to improve where you need to improve. A luncheon will be organised in the upcoming days to acknowledge the outstanding results of many of our students.

    The end of term 2 assembly was filled with delightful speakers, one of whom being Dr Zachariah Matthews, the Executive Director & Instructor of Deen Academy. He delivered a speech based on the topic of responsibility and “being responsible,” which was an eye opener for all students.

  • Year 8 - Term 1 Report

    I would like to express my utmost acknowledgement and congratulations to my Year 8 students in recognition of their hard work and effort during the first term of 2015.

    You have been deeply engaged with your teachers, peers and community, not only academically, but successfully participating in all activities that your high school has run this term. These include the study skills workshops, Harmony day and Anti-Bullying day.

  • Carnivale Fever hits Homebush

    Students from the Year 8 Italian and Year 8 French classes celebrated the cultural festivities of Carnivale by making colourful individual masks in class, while learning about the significance of Carnivale and the parade activities in Italy and France. This activity highlighted student engagement and both groups were happy to parade their masks around our school. Even the inclement weather on Friday 27th February did NOT dampen their enthusiasm. Masks on and trays of sweets in hand, students walked around to all homerooms offering treats with a Bounjour or Buongiorno .

    During the month of February, numerous cities and towns in Italy and France celebrate the traditional carnival time. People wear masks, costumes, eat and drink and enjoy themselves prior to the period of fasting in preparation for the Easter season.

    The following was read over Mr Khurshed’s loud speaker (School PA System).

  • Message to Year 8

    I am delighted to be offered the position of Year 8 adviser. It is a great privilege to be able to guide these students throughout the remainder of their high school journey at Homebush Boys, years which will undoubtedly be some of the best and most memorable of their lives. We will work together, students, teachers and parents, to help transform these boys into outstanding citizens of the community, and build up important values of integrity, respect, responsibility and care.

    I look forward to working with our students this year and in the upcoming years and wish them every success with their studies.

    I invite parents and carers to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions.


    Abderrahim Abbou

    Year 8 Adviser 2015


  • Exciting Development in Literacy

    The English Faculty is pleased to announce that we have initiated the participation of all Year 7, 8 and 9 students in an outstanding on-line literacy program called WordFlyers (www.wordflyers.com.au). This program incorporates reading, writing, spelling and grammar skills that cater for each student’s needs. As well there is a component that is linked to the NAPLAN literacy exams for years 7 and 9. It is an excellent way to reinforce what is being taught, and the skills being developed, in the classroom.

  • Year 8 Korean Students visit UNSW

    Year 8 Korean students went on an excursion on Thursday 10th September. 2014. The excursion was held at The University of New South Wales and students attended the ‘Korean Immersion Day “program and activities provided by the Korean Cultural Office (KCO) of NSW.

    Together with Ms Yu and Ms Fang Chen (Pre-service teacher September/ October 2014) we made our way by bus to the UNSW early in the morning and arrived by 10.00 am, following heavy traffic and lengthy delays on Parramatta Rd. Together with students from Punchbowl Boys, Marsden and Burwood Girls High School, we looked forward to a day of learning and socialising (with the girls!).

  • Year 8 Report - Term 2

    Congratulations to all year 8 who progressed well through term 2, welcome to the new enrollments. I commend you on the high standard of uniform you have maintained throughout the winter season and recommend the school scarves and beanies that are now available for purchase for providing extra warmth.

    Year 8 – Community involvement - New Beginnings Program
    Thursday 12th June - Friday 13th June

    This was a two day program that aimed at building leadership skills of students and increase community engagement.