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  • How can parents help during stressful assessment times?

    The valuable information below is from the ELES Study Skills handbook creator Dr Prue Salter. HBHS has subscribed to the handbook in 2017 to deliver ongoing study skills to our students in years 7 – 12. All students in Years 11 and 12 have access to the website. Students should see Ms Budanovic if they have lost their log in details.

    How can parents help during stressful assessment times?

    The second semester often heralds blocks of examinations or assessments for students. Some students cope well with the pressure and stress while others find it overwhelming. Of course, the more prepared students are, the less stress they are likely to experience. Encourage students to start their preparation for examinations and assessments early, in particular their study notes. If your student has examination blocks this semester, these tips will help you provide the support they need.

  • RACI Titration Competition in Chemistry 2017

    On Friday the 16th June, 2017, thirteen students from Year 12 chemistry class took part in the prestigious RACI Titration Competition held at University of Sydney. Ms Catalano, the teacher in-charge prepared these students for the competition and had put in a huge effort working even after school hours.

    There were 32 teams from 12 different schools in Sydney who took part in this competition. I can say this with great pride that Homebush Boys High School secured 6th position in the competition.

    Huge congratulations to all the participants and Ms Catalano. We are certainly looking forward to our continued participation next year as well.

  • Educating Rita Play

    On the 18th May, three Standard English classes attended the "Educating Rita Play" directed by Julie Baz at The Depot Theatre in Marrickville. Educating Rita was a sensation play which was both humourous and enlightening while also presenting a profound message on the power of education and individuality. The play presented an interesting commentary on the state of “what it means to be educated,” which particularly applied to the year 12 cohort as they are soon be facing life after school and making decisions on further education. The play was performed in a small auditorium where a definite sense of intimacy was felt between the audience and the performers due to the size of the room. The acting was spot on and the atmosphere was immersive giving the feeling like we were in the 80s. All in all it was a great day.

    By Dominic Pich

  • Year 12 Adv English - Othello Performance Excursion

    On the 26th October, the students studying Advanced English, along with Ms Ball, Ms Bonis, Ms Yong, Ms Hasham and Ms Lea, were lucky enough to attend the Bell Shakespeare’s production of “Othello” at the Playhouse Theatre, The Sydney Opera House.

    It was a pleasant evening which allowed both students and teachers alike to experience a live performance of the play that had been studied in class over the last few months. While reading “Othello” enabled students to get into the minds of the characters; being able to see a live performance was a unique experience that allowed for an entirely new level of understanding and interpretation. We gained an appreciation for production, performance and design decisions, such as costuming and lighting.

  • Prefects 2016-2017

    Congratulations to all the Prefects of 2016-2017. The student leaders have worked hard in their academic, sports, creative activities, outdoor education, responsibility in school and service learning. Furthermore, they have demonstrated excellence in their role of being responsible global citizens in wearing their school uniform with pride and taking responsibility for or showing leadership and initiative in various school functions. Therefore, popularity is not a criteria used to be elected as student leaders. The Prefects have been selected in a fair democratic election process by their peers and teachers because of the special qualities that they have demonstrated in their positive interactions with the rest of the school community. For example, Zaki Ousmand, the School Captain, is a considerate and respectful student. He is kind and compassionate towards his teachers and fellow students. For the first time at HBHS, we have a School Captain who can sing, dance and play musical instruments as well as chairing a formal school assembly. Ibrahim Taha, the Vice School Captain, is friendly, ever joyful and a confident communicator. He is a hardworking student whom all students can turn to if they want some study tips. Levi Anderson-Foster, the Senior Prefect, is creative and a motivator of the Prefect team. He has broad shoulders that all students can cry on when they need a friend.

  • 2017 Prefects

    Congratulations to the following students on their selection as Prefects for 2017.

    Vice Captain Captain Senior Prefect


    Ibrahim Taha


    Zaki Ousmand


    Levi Anderson-Foster


    Adam​ Yau


    Denis Mulya


    Jayanth Kumaralingam


    Jeff Chen


    Kendyll Vati


    Lincoln Dale


    Matthew Wong


    Mohamad Farroukh


    Mohammed Elakhras


    Nicholas Ngo


    Peter Koungoulos


    Ruben James


    Ryan Wu


    Srihari Nair


    Subbiah Durai Surendran


    Wilfred Knight


  • CAPA Night

    In their final year the Visual Arts and Music year 12 students have worked tirelessly on their HSC Body of Works and Musical items.

    On the night of September 3 - CAPA Night, the teachers and students were delighted to showcase their Body of Works to over 80 individuals, including parents, students, friends, teachers and even other staff members from other schools. Having presented and performed such amazing artworks and musical pieces, our Year 12s were shown support and encouragement as well as offered best wishes for their upcoming HSC examinations.

  • 2016 CAPA Night

    Students in the Visual Arts and Music faculty will be exhibiting and performing their HSC work on Thursday evening starting with the Visual Arts Body of Work on display at 5.30pm, and then the Music students will perform their musical items from around 6.30pm until 8.00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

    Where: Homebush Boys High School, Hall

    When: Thursday, 1st September, 5:30pm - 8:00pm

    Cost: Free


  • Vale Adam Lees

    A message from Mr Daniel Lees and family:

    Thanks to all of the Homebush Boys students and staff who attended or who offered their support for Adam Lees.

    It was a special moment to see all of his peers on his final celebration.

    Please ask all students to stay safe and to strive to achieve there goals and dreams..... While having fun !!

    Thank you for everything from the entire Lees family.

  • UNSW High School Engineering

    On Wednesday the 18th of May a group of students, myself included went to the University of New South Wales to attend a high school information day for Engineering. It introduced us students to the university as well as the Engineering faculty and informed us about the different aspects of engineering and the work they perform. We weren’t the only students there. Students from different schools across Sydney attended, it was a great way to socialise and meet new people, with an interest similar to our own.
    The day started with an introduction from some of the staff members from the engineering faculty. They provided us with an introduction to engineering, and the common job that every engineer must do. It is to identify the problem, and come up with a solution. The staff told us what it takes to become an engineer, no matter what type you must be a thinker. And how engineers are shaping the future by applying their skills to almost everything you can think of, from medicine to renewable energy, food technologies to sustainable mining.
  • Western Sydney University Master Class

    Last term a few senior boys had the privilege of attending a workshop hosted by the WSU on our impacts as individuals on the society. The workshop was aimed at building our skills, as young individuals, in taking initiative and working towards the welfare of our society. They had offered several workshops for the categories . It was truly inspirational to hear from students in WSU who had brought change to the broader community through their initiative and hard work. The boys who attended the event had definitely taken back invaluable lessons and experiences at the end of the day.

  • JM15: A true display of student creativity

    Our annual digital media showcase, JM15, was another huge success this year with over 250+ attendees! It was a brilliant night of celebrations and display of student creativity in the field of digital media production. Thank you to all the staff, students and professionals that came to support and witness the creative excellence at Homebush Boys High, not to mention the five star hotel catering from our Hospitality students and staff!

  • Year 12 Visual Arts Exhibition

    The annual Year 12 CAPA night was again a very successful event that highlights the many talented students within the creative arts at Homebush BHS. Parents, friends, staff and teaching colleagues from our school region attended the exhibition to view a fantastic selection of artworks from the Visual Arts students. Yr 12 Visual Arts teachers Mr. Tony Letsios and Ms Linda Adams were the teachers, who guided and mentored the students in the development of some stunning Bodies of Works that included painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and printing.

  • Year 12 - 2015 Graduation Luncheon

    The Year 12 Graduation luncheon is fast approaching please click on the picture to view the presentation from last years luncheon.

    Catered by Year 11 Hospitality.



    Ms. Bolbol

  • Year 12 - Educating Rita

    On Saturday 6 June, Ms. Ball, Mrs Porteus and Mr Lee joined 23, year 12 students at the Ensemble theatre in Kirribilli to see ' Educating Rita'.

    The play is part of the HSC Standard English course (module C) and deals with a working class woman, named Rita, and her ambition to gain an education.

    Although dealing with serious issues, the play is quite humorous and the students commented on their ability to laugh amidst being moved by the characters' interplay.

    The students were commended by both staff and patrons for their behaviour and engagement in the theatre experience. 

    An enjoyable time was had by all and we look forward to seeing more plays at the Ensemble Theatre in the future. And a big thanks to Ms Ball, Ms Porteous and Mr Lee for organising and supervising the students in their own time.

  • UWS: Motivational Speaker

    Homebush Boys High School’s, 2015 Study Skills Program, assists students with their educational endeavours. The Senior Program this year has included session presentations by guest motivational speakers from various universities. Year 12 students had the pleasure this term, of welcoming leading motivational speaker, Mr James Arvanitakis, to the school. James is a regular speaker at national and international conferences, delivering keynotes and research papers.

  • Artexpress 2015

    Homebush Boys High School’s, highly inspirational and talented, 2014, HSC Visual Arts students, Otis Burian-Hodge, Zheng Chen, Akul Pandi and Anuraj Talati, have been successful in having their pieces selected, for the 2015, ARTEXPRESS exhibition. Featured currently, is a selection of outstanding student artworks that provide insight into students’ creativity, high standards, diversity, and issues important to them. Art teacher Mr Letsios, and Principal Mr Kennedy, were delighted at the success of our students. They were in attendance at the recent viewing of outstanding student artworks. The strong tradition of excellence continues on at our school.

  • LOTE Student HSC Success 2014

    HSC Chinese Background Speakers (CBS)

    Twelve students sat for this exam.  Six students received a Band 5, six students received a Band 4. Comparing these results to their English (ESL) performance, eight students achieved higher marks in the Chinese Background Speakers course. For seven students, CBS was their best result in their HSC. There was a very strong correlation between school assessment and moderated assessment. This supports the LOTE faculty’s clear and explicit assessment practices as more than adequately preparing students for the HSC examination.The highest result was 85 – Lifu Peter PENG and Yip Chun WONG. The second highest result 83 – Lingbo YU and Zheng CHEN,.Third Highest result 80 – Yike XI and Michael Bangyi ZUO

    HSC Heritage Korean (HK)

    2014 marked the inaugural year for HK studies at HSC level. Five 

  • UTS:Insearch HSC Study Skills

    Homebush Boys High School’s, 2015 Study Skills Program, commenced in the first weeks of school.

    The Study Skills Program assists students with their educational endeavours.

    The Senior Program this year included a motivational speaker and exam preparation session presentation by guest speaker Mr Rowan Kunz.

    Leading HSC motivational speaker and exam preparation coach Mr Rowan Kunz delivered a HSC Study Skills Workshop to all Year 12 students at Homebush Boys High School.

  • Inside ArtExpress 2015

    ArtexpressHomebush Boys High School’s, highly inspirational and talented, 2014, HSC Visual Arts students, Otis Burian-Hodge, Zheng Chen, Akul Pandi and Anuraj Talati, have been successful in having their pieces selected, for the 2015, ARTEXPRESS exhibition.  Featured will be a selection of outstanding student artworks that will provide insight into students’ creativity, high standards, diversity and issues important to them.