27 June 2017 Bassam Maaliki | News | Community  

During the July School Holidays, City Recital Hall will be supporting my cause #uBelong with a special edition of their event, Sydney Flash Mob Choir.

Sydney Flash Mob Choir is a spontaneous choir. We give you a song sheet and you sing your heart out.
There will be a special surprise guest!!
Be part of what could be the biggest choir you’ve ever seen.

Like #uBelong, Sydney Flash Mob Choir, welcomes everyone and celebrates community and belonging.

It’s free and I’d love you to come along and support #uBelong -
"Where I am, Ubelong"

When: Tuesday 11th of July at 1pm.
Where: City Recital Hall - Angel Place, Sydney (just off Martin Place) 

26 June 2017 Matina Shadwick | News | Whole School  

The fun and vibrant experience that Chinese culture brings to you.

  • Commenced May 2016
  • Used to run every Tuesday lunchtime in the Confucius Classroom
  • Recently changed to Monday lunchtime
  • Up to 30 students participate at a time
  • Competitions held every term
  • It’s an on-going activity..

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23 June 2017 Ibrahim Taha | News | Whole School  

Once again, Homebush Boys High School has displayed the beauty of its cultural diversity and inclusion with the successful Ramadan Iftar night.

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, who fast from dawn till sunset in order to learn self-discipline, self-restraint and patience. It also teaches empathy for the less fortunate. With many students partaking in this holy month, Homebush Boys accepts and acknowledges the beliefs of all. Every year, an Iftar (evening meal) is hosted where Muslims and Non-Muslims break bread, share a meal and unite as a school community. This experience of coming together is much needed in our time.

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