23 June 2017 Ibrahim Taha   | News | Whole School  
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Once again, Homebush Boys High School has displayed the beauty of its cultural diversity and inclusion with the successful Ramadan Iftar night.

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, who fast from dawn till sunset in order to learn self-discipline, self-restraint and patience. It also teaches empathy for the less fortunate. With many students partaking in this holy month, Homebush Boys accepts and acknowledges the beliefs of all. Every year, an Iftar (evening meal) is hosted where Muslims and Non-Muslims break bread, share a meal and unite as a school community. This experience of coming together is much needed in our time.

The hall was set up beautifully, just like Buckingham Palace. We were honoured to have special guests attend and would particularly like to thank the local member for Strathfield the Hon. Jodi Mckay for her continued support for our school. The night began with an address by Mrs Paleothodoros, followed by our guest speakers and a Quran recitation. Our talented students, created a short video about Ramadan, which was played on the night. We were fortunate to have Ms Hasham and John Mubarik (year 11) share their unique and personal experience of fasting. The highlight for many of us was the exquisite Middle Eastern food, which was enjoyed by everyone. The raffle at the end of the night was exciting, where Bahaa Zod and other senior students awarded great prizes to the winners of the raffle draw. Our major sponsor of the night was Human Appeal International and a donation to charity was handed to them from the student body, in the spirit of generosity and Ramadan. Krispy Kreme donuts, fruit platters and chocolates were provided as dessert to top off a successful night.

The event took many weeks of preparation and organisation. The Iftar brings people together and it was only possible through the hard work and assistance from many students, ranging from year 7 to 12, staff and the members of our school community.
Thank you for everyone who attended this important event and special credit goes to Mr Abbou, Ms Bolbol, Mrs Houvardous, Mr Ismail, Mr Achmad and Ms Degney for their continued effort in organising this event every year.

Ibrahim Taha Year 12