09 December 2016 Jonothan Sculthorpe | News | Year 10  

As part of the transition into Stage 6 PDHPE, a select group of year 10 students made the trip to UNSW to visit the Museum of Human Diseases.

Once there, the students were treated to an introduction like no other. After an explanation of the role of the museum, a few case studies were examined regarding human diseases. The finger of a man who died from Melanoma was passed around (in a case), followed by a plaque-clogged artery of a 47 year old smoker. The boys held up well to these confronting specimens.

The next two hours were spent by the group moving around the museum answering questions to a quiz on their phones. The interactivity allowed the boys to view and learn about a variety of diseases and conditions ranging from Diabetes, Heart Disease and Tuberculosis through to genetic disorders and victims of foul play. The specimens all came from people who kindly donated their bodies to science.

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07 December 2016 John G Kennedy | News | Whole School  

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The New South Wales Teachers Federation has endorsed a state wide industrial stop work meeting on Thursday 8 December 2016. Some teaching staff from Homebush Boys High School will be attending this meeting in the morning.

As this is the same day as our Annual Presentation Ceremony I am negotiating with the NSWTF to ensure some staff may have an exemption from the Stop Work Meeting to attend the school and Marie Bashir Public School Auditorium to ensure our Presentation Day which we have be planning for quite a long time can still go ahead.

Therefore, Homebush Boys High School will be operational with minimal supervision on Thursday 8 December 2016 from 8:30am to 10.00 am. There will be adequate supervision as planned to walk the boys to the venue from school as per our organisation which has previously been sent to you. There will be enough staff at the venue also for satisfactory supervision.

Students will be dismissed from the venue as planned and previously notified in our letter regarding Presentation Day.

Full staff supervision and Presentation Day activities will begin at 10.45 am on Thursday morning following the meeting.

John G Kennedy


06 December 2016 Rebecca Legge | News | Sports  

The Homebush Boys 15’s Basketball team played the undefeated North Sydney Boys team this week. We were certainly the underdogs leading in to the game and had no expectation that the score would be so close. However, the boys really pulled together as a team. They defended exceptionally well, forcing errors and shots from outside. The boys kept the score tight throughout the game and, when they led during the final minutes, they had no intention of letting North Sydney come back. Daniel Dutton (team captain) scored a final basket in the last minute ensuring that North Sydney Boys’ chance to extend their winning streak in to next year was shattered. Congratulations on your win boys! I hope the great sportsmanship, teamwork and skill continues into early next year.